LIMELIGHT Profile Pictures

:upside_down_face: ima regret this

Hi, I’m bored send me your limelight details and outfit and I’ll make a PFP for you! (Only pfp because I screenshot from web previewer)

Example (I only have one as it’s me :cry:)

Character Gender:
Skin color:
Hair Color:
Eye color:
Lip color:
Face Shape:
Outfit (write them down, don’t send ss):
Do you want makeup, if so what kind?:
Shadow? (see in my example):

Please don’t send a screenshot of your character. :roll_eyes:


Hi @TheTurtleTrainer,

Can you make mine? :heartbeat:

Of course! Details? xx

Oh yeah, before that.

This is only for profile picture, am I right?

Just for confirmation :heartbeat:

Yes! Only profile picture!

Alright then, thank you!

I’ll give you the details.

Character Gender: Female
Skin color: Fair Gold
Hair: Beach Wave
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Round Medium
Eye color: Brown Black
Lips: Full Heart Pouty
Lip color: Pink Warm Matte
Nose: Grecian Soft
Face Shape: Triangle Defined
Eyebrows: Arched Thick Styled (Deep Brown)
Outfit : Up to you :wink:
Do you want makeup, if so what kind?: Soft and a bit pinkish :kissing_heart:
Shadow? (see in my example): Up to you! :kissing_closed_eyes:

Pose: Same just liked yours :kissing_heart:

@TheTurtleTrainer how many times that you need to finished it? :wink:

Please feel free to asking me if there’s something else you need for the edits :kissing_heart:

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Like 10 minutes or so.

The times is yours gurl! :kissing_closed_eyes::heartbeat:

Sorry it took forever, I forgot that my computer is so slow. :roll_eyes:

Here’s your pfp!


Oh my Goddddd!!! It’s so beautiful @TheTurtleTrainer !!!

I love it, I love it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s so wonderful and I’d really love it!!!

Thank you babe! :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

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Hey @TheTurtleTrainer can you make it for me again? :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes:

This time I want to do about 2 pfp.

Can you? It’s okay, the time is yours babe! :kissing_closed_eyes::heartbeat:

Of course! Details?

#1st Character

Character Gender: Female
Skin color: Fair Warm
Hair: Long Feathered
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eyes: Female Generic
Eye color: Hazel
Lips: Small Heart
Lip color: Pink Warm Gloss
Nose: Grecian Soft
Face Shape: Heart Soft
Eyebrows: Arched Thick Styled ( Chestnut Brown)
Outfit : Bodycon Sleeveless Dress Asymmetrical Lace Overlay Polyester Red Cherry
Do you want makeup, if so what kind?: Something nude but for the eyeshadow, make it looks liked burgundy or something red? :wink:
Shadow? (see in my example): Yes, please!

Pose: shush_neutral_pose

#2nd Character

Character Gender: Male
Skin color: Fair Gold
Hair: Slicked Back Solid
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eyes: Oval Wide
Eye color: Blue Deep
Lips: Medium Straight Natural
Lip color: Fair Neutral Matte
Nose: Straight Narrow
Face Shape: Square Jaw
Eyebrows: Straight Medium (Dark Brown)
Outfit : Vest And Shirt Combo Heart Tie Long Sleeve Cuffed Shirt Polyester Red Wine
Do you want makeup, if so what kind?: Up to you!
Shadow? (see in my example): Yes, please!
Background: same just liked the first one.
Pose: shush_neutral_pose

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Yes, but you’ll have to wait a bit

You can send your details I’ll start on it when I’m done with these



Here are your pfps, sorry for the wait :tired_face:

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Character- Gender female
Hair- Long Feather dirty blonde
Face- Round soft
Eyebrows- Arched Natural (Black Dark )
Eyes- Deepest almond (Hazel)
Nose- Round button
Mouth- Full Round Pouty (Fair Rose matte) Or the lipstick you want
Body (beige Rose )
Outfit : Of your choice but i would like a red shirt or crop top
Any makeup of your choice

You can use what ever background works best
Pose any pose you can work with
Thank you so much

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From now on, I won’t take requests for today, feel free to come back when it’s open.

Only PBJ will receive their pfp.

Thank you so much :smiley:

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