[Limelight] Promotional Image Hairs


Hey Episodians,

Last week we featured some hair in our promotional image that wasn’t ready to release. To make up for that mixup we’ve checked with our Art and QA team and were able to get those hair styles expedited for release. Here’s a list of the hairs that we’ll be releasing:

Emo Pixie
Full Pigtail

Emo Pixie
Messy Undercut

As Always, please let us know if you encounter any issues.

The Episode Team


Yay!! New hairstyles!! Thank you Episode Team!


This short one is so cute

image image image




Thank you! :smiley:


They look awesome!


Hopefully this thread doesn’t get closed…


Yes! Thank you :hearts:


Thank you!


These updates…



Ehh. Ain’t the lips but I can definitely work with this :ok_hand:t4:




:+1:t2: hopefully theyll add the lips.


Thank you episode for always working hard to put out new items!:heart::heart: The art team sometimes goes unappreciated but we love you and thank you for always satisfying our needy selves :joy:


yesss thank you


internal fangirling I really hope this means emo outfits will be coming soon :heart_eyes:


Grrrr… Back to my CC templates we goooooo… :tired_face:


Ahh look at this cutieee


thank you for giving us a little something extra. See guys, they do listen.


the emo jumped out

now i feel sad… i want to hug someone…

thank you for listening to us, i really do think we can become better and stronger with us (community and the team) working together.


At least wait until Thursday/Friday just in case :rofl: