[Limelight] Promotional Image Hairs


Thank you so much!!! You really heard us this time and compensated for the mistakes. :heart::heart::heart:


So y’all happy now?




Yes we are very happy now


Yay! Thanks for the update I was patiently waiting for the pigtails now its been released.


Thank you for keeping your word about releasing those soon. We appreciate it. :blush:


The disadvantage of CC and updates :frowning:


They’re so prettyyyy!!! Now we just need limelight on mobile creation so that us non computer owners can use these.

prays for this to happen


Cool, especially the undercut, he looks like an 80s star

(secretly keeps this in mind for a bad boy parody story)


hahaha, true, bad boy vintage :heart_eyes: :joy:

now you say that, it’s kind like jhonny depp hairstyle in Cry baby


No matter what your opinion is, I’m just so touched by the release, because people were complaining last week. I won’t disagree or agree with them, but Episode really listened to all our suggestions and decided to release these anyhow, so I hope everyone is satisfied. I’m over the moon, there are so many hairstyles I’ll be able to use now! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Thank you SO much, Episode.


Unrelated: Happy forum anniversary @Jesse :balloon: :joy:


@amberose how did you remember? Bless your heart. :heart:


I’m in a timezone that’s in front of majority of forums, so I can already see the :cake:


Okay, back on topic below me.


ahhhhh thank you guys so much! what a lovely monday surprise!


I knew yall on the forums would come through




Episode. Wow. You made up for your mistakes. This is the community we want. You listened. Thank you so much. These hairstyles are awesome!!


What lips??