[Limelight] Promotional Image Hairs


You guys are so amazing! TYSMMMMMMMMMMM


(Cries in limelight*) You guys are amazing! :sob::sob::heart_eyes:


Thank you for correcting part of your mistake. This update has shown me the following things:

  1. If we complain hard enough, you might eventually listen if it makes you look bad. Episode in the last post had no intentions of releasing those hairstyles any time soon, and then the drama happened and we got these.

  2. That it’s okay to criticise Episode, no matter what some people in the community think. It is on topic to talk about disliking an update on an update thread and no one has to stop complaining. It’s our place to complain and even though you might have silenced people at the end, you didn’t simply flag every criticism, which shows Episode isn’t quite a dictatorship yet.

  3. That Episode is more than capable of releasing assets quickly, which makes the last update seem a little worryingly small.

We do have a few new hairstyles and for that I’m grateful, but I’m not going to take it as a reason to ever stop criticising the practices I dislike about Episode. People said they “do listen”, but if we’re just sycophants who praised every small update, they’ll have nothing to listen to.

So I’m glad you rectified one of the mistakes you made on the last post and I hope you continue to make good decisions like this one.

I have presented my argument and I will be respectful to anyone else’s argument. Unless they directly quote or attack me, trying to tell me what to say or what to think. Just like in the last post, if you want to think that this update is great, that is completely your prerogative. If you reply to me telling me not to say what I say, I will lose respect for you, since I’m not telling you what to think. Don’t be a hypocrite please and we’ll all be fine.


I want them to keep this same “we should be grateful and kind to Episode” when they release a new offensive and disturbing story. Like, where was this mindset when they did many times before? You were just upset with Episode just as us.


oof! sister snappedt!

i said it before and i’ll say it again, why is criticizing anything other than In My Bed!!! or It Starts With A Bra is God-forbidden :skull:


This was already made right because this was very quick after people started hating? :thinking:


THANK YOU!!! :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Why Episode, why???

(I was talking about this a few weeks ago)

Why is it that its at the front and back???


I’m starting to wonder if they’re just releasing stuff so people don’t get angry :thinking:


I wish they release that prince’s (elegant) haircut :slight_smile:


I think so too, to be honest. It seems like appeasement or pacification.


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Thank you!


well at least some of these are somewhat curly, I actually can use these on some mixed characters…MUCH NEEDED

responses on the last update were WILD!


Hey guess what. Psst psst

They could still do better.

I like the new men’s hairstyle, it’s rl clean. The one that isn’t the Bieber do, that one’s pretty generic


:joy: Ooof. You too funny sometimes


That’s me, always saying needlessly evocative stuff and somehow not getting banned for it xD

I do like the hair though, I just know that releasing them now is really funny


I don’t like the hair as much. Could’ve have done better but people will have lots of uses for these styles so I won’t complain.


It’s really only the one style I like, the messy top with shaved sides look is v nice.

Like someone above pointed out, the pigtails are incredibly stupid. Going in front from the front and down the back from behind. Very silly. They also don’t look ready for release, ironically.

That’s just my opinion though, I like one hairstyle out of the three >.<


Their wording is always top-notch isn’t it? ‘Expedited for release’ makes it sound like they’re doing everyone such a huge favour, as if they weren’t planning on just holding those back indefinitely like the previous post insinuated. I like it, very much like a politician.