[Limelight] Promotional Image Hairs


yesss i prayy!! i’ve been using the website nd its too much for me😭


Your posts are iconic! :joy:


New update tomorrow! Hopefully it’s the lips.


That fast?


Let’s pray louder! :laughing:


Thank you guys so much!
I can’t believe how much I used to hate limelight :woman_facepalming:


I just wish they’d publish more outfits - yeah they do. But I have a feeling they give us whatever and keep the best. Like our stories are not so important for them. :tired_face:


New update coming today! Can’t wait!


Wait am I the only one who finds the ll skin tones a little weird now?


How so?


I don’t know it looks like they became a little lighter? Or maybe it’s just my eyes?


I don’t see it so :woman_shrugging:t5: I think it’s happening to other people tho since i heard someone else complain about it too


Does anyone know what the next update is?


Speaking of eyes, they look kinda weird too… the LL eyes.


I AM DEFIITELY HERE FOR IT.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::joy::joy::grin::grinning::grinning::rofl:


Should be in at least an hour!


The braids do that also but its Episode so it doesn’t have to be realistic


Maybe someone should tell Episode that, and they could maybe grow an art style at some point, lol.

It’s not about realism, it’s about the fact that it looks really stupid and unnatural. Even the most stylised artists need their pieces to make sense and seem natural. That’s just the basics. The way the braids and pigtails works is another flaw that takes you out of the piece entirely

I like certain things about limelight, I do. The airbrushed look can be really nice but it isn’t flawless. Far from it, it’s heavily flawed. Just look at the tiny baby hands.


I need these two hairs. I also love the side braid.
If they hit us with these hairs and new mouth shapes I’d be quaking.


:sweat_smile: Yeah, that’d be nice to have.