[Limelight] Promotional Image Hairs


:sweat_smile: Yeah, that’d be nice to have.


Imagine the backlash if they just suddenly put out a message that there’s no update today… or they just left it with no message at all


I’m getting worried cuz the updates usually come out at 3pm for me and it’s almost 4. ;-;


To be honest, at this point I wouldn’t put anything past them


Do you think it’s not going to happen?


3pm here. I have work at 5p at my store thankfully so I’m having hot tea cuz of Northern Virginian weather :roll_eyes:

Waiting on updates, tbh I don’t care much about clothing as I do for facial features and hair.


If it doesn’t happen I’m only coming back next week, I don’t want to see anymore ranting.


Same. :confused:


Man if they skipped an update today or if they gave us hardly anything again I will go full hulk on the thread.


If they did the Promotional Hairs update I think they won’t update until next week.


It’s 2:00 pm for me. The updates release around 2:00-3:00 pm for me.


Or u would be in ‘God mode’ if they didn’t. Get it? xD


Usually they release within this hour


1 more hour if they are releasing today




Sometimes they release around 3:30pm


It’s still 8pm here and the updates come at 8pm-9pm for there’s still hope!


no stop making me nervous


I doubt they’ll skip updates today. Not after the backlash they got last week.

If they do skip, then well

HOney you’ve got a big storm comin