[Limelight] Promotional Image Hairs


I want to see how your characters would look after it’s added to them. If they do release the update, send it to me please? :wink:


I’d just love to have one of those hairstyles from Positively Princess.


They say they have these hairstyles to release and this lips




Yes, someone sent me that picture. It’s from Instant Princess and Positively Princess


That’s so awesome!! Thanks for sharing! I really can’t wait


Are we getting an update today? :pray:


My favorite is the Shaved sides, Afro, and the last one in the pic.


What about Sydney’s hair?


I wonder if the eyes from the first image were released. Those look really cute.


I’m starting to doubt it. Episode has to post a picture on Instagram each time they update, right? And I’ve noticed they only post one picture per day. Today they posted one (the one of the guy with the long hair). So it’s very unclear.




Love life…


Ahhh, her hair is cute too.


Do you think they will release that?


I hope they will. People will have a lot of uses for it.


They might release all the hairstyles…


Don’t forget the body hair


I believe they were. They look like Deepset Upturned Wide


Yeah, it would be really useful for my chars from the 1600s+.