[Limelight] Props to you!


Iiiinteresting. I’ve been wondering about the clothes that were never released, but I thought they must have been part of the “We’re done with INK” decision.


Can you guys on both sides please stop arguing…? You’re both going to think what you say is correct and the other side most likely won’t change their mind… Thanks :blush:


I really wish episode would release this variation right here because it matches this
Screenshot_36 Screenshot_37
I mean there is a blue variation, but the red one is available for guys and girls. Wonder if that was a mistake like last time was


they probably censored it because of the “get over yourself” part


I hope they release matching TARTAN shirts for all of the colours so we can portray someone tying their shirt around their waist.


I would like skirts and better looking pants for it too.


Do you know what I’d like for the next update? For them to forget releasing anything new and actually debug the current stuff properly. Fix all the errors like toes sticking out and boots that go underneath all bottoms


Fr, I am tired of these bugs. Smh. It’s annoying and needs to be done.


Can we not spread hate? Every time I click on a thread just happy episode has created there is constant complaints. It’s an episode piece of clothing, does it really matter this much? Can’t we just be thankful episode has given us new props and clothing? Personally, I don’t care what it’s called, I’m just happy it’s here.

Thanks episode! These are beautiful! :grin:


I kinda wish we had the slacks in black and the Tartan shirts wrapped in red. It’s a need! But I’m happy for some of the colors. They look really cute. My favorite is the white and blue one. :ok_hand:t5: I think in a couple of days they’ll give us the red one and they didn’t by mistake. Possibly. Along with the animation for the glass cup thing. Funny how people are telling us to stop complaining and to get over it when they are the ones bringing it back up again when it been ended. Plus, just because you don’t care, doesn’t mean others don’t :woman_shrugging:t5:.


Hopefully, we’ll get the animation. Maybe the next update will be more props and holiday stuff. Like clothing for it.


No offence, but it’s up to individuals how they react to the updates. If we’re not happy, that’s on us.


True, you are untitled to your own opinion. I just wish I didn’t have to see so many people at each other’s throats.


I don’t know if this comment was partly regarding mine but if it’s, I hope you know I’m not trying to silence you… I was just trying to say there are classier ways to go about it where not everyone is making snarky remarks to each other… And the way everyone is going back and forth isn’t in a positive beneficial way, yet a way to argue really… This comment isn’t just towards you…, so I’m sorry if something I said upset you because that was not my intentions… :sweat_smile:


It just upsets me when people think that Episode is doing them a favour with these updates. We’re paying their wages, after all! The least they could do is make it easier for us to make the good stories they should be making




Omg. Thanks🙏🏾


yes yes yes the blue match the other blue . finally we have one we can use togheter


Though there is a chance that your probably right, we also have to remember that the clothing item must work for every single animation they have, or else we end up with very weird looking animations or clothing items Like when the shoes didn’t fit on the female characters quite right so some of their foot was out, but I’ve noticed that they have fixed that recently. plus while they are working on this weeks release, they also have to plan for next weeks release, along with working on other projects that they have been working on for months.


Honestly, they aren’t even close. Most of the updated features don’t even work well for dark skinned characters, only white ones. Especially lips colors. Most are suited for very light skinned characters and very few work for dark skins. They barely even have modest clothing, very few and very few stuff to represent religious cultures and other cultures. The only cultural clothing we have is Indian and Tartan and it’s still very little.