[Limelight] Props to you!


Especially since they have like what?–3 or 4 protective and Afro hair styles? Compared to all the hair they have, 3 to 4 is like even less than a half or less than a third of all the Limelight hair.


very understandable. I believe/hope that episode team has realized that this is something they need to be working on.


They not even close to the Basics of diversity, which is sad. I’m tired of them saying they achieved diversity when we barely have any lip colors for dark skins and hair styles for the black community. We have very little stuff to represent minority groups. Sitting here and saying they achieved it is idiotic.


If they so called “achieved” it, why are we still waiting for body types, Afro hair styles, more modest clothing, etc. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, body types will probably be a while.


So? We still waiting on them. What does that prove?


Proper body types will take a very long time. Mostly because they will need to fix the clothing items, animations and so on to work with the body type, not to mention actually making them and coding them into their system there is also the fact that we don’t know what type of coding system they are using.

And if you think about it when we do get body types then new features will take even longer to be released then it is now.


Honestly, it looks to me that none of the new hairstyles that I’m seeing in kiss list would suit anyone with a hair texture like mine (4a-4c range). They were nice but… hello, black people exist too ya know…:thinking: Limelight has a long way to go they didnt achieve anything


:sleepy: Aw. :disappointed_relieved:


They really didn’t. Plus, there isn’t even Kippahs in Limelight.


really wish they could add and FIX the glasses… they don’t look or fit right on their noses ):


I’m not trying to prove anything… I was just saying that it’ll take longer than clothing and afro hair which they should have more of… pretty much all that ivory said.


We don’t exactly how they make it, we do know it’s pretty inefficient though, if most of their stuff that’s been out for long lengths of times still aren’t debugged or fixed, and it takes them as long as it does for even basic updates


That’s amazing, thank you so much!


I hope the next update is hair. We still lack ethnic hair :confounded:
Or maybe some Victorian clothes, I wish we had the dresses from positively princess.


I know, the updos in Envy were to DIE for. Like I can’t make characters look like their 100% unless they’re released :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: I’m always excited for hair most more than other updates tbh


Omg it was like when the other hairs weren’t released yet I told myself I needed all of those and that they were perfect and then episode just had to go and put better ones out after they released what I thought was the best hairs.


Personally, I would like an update with Asian clothing. Have you seen it? :grin: And real ones, not the fake tourist kind.


Ink had some good clothes like that.
It would also be cool if we had modern clothes we see in South Korea, I love their fashion.