[Limelight] Props to you!


I want them to release a better looking Afro and a Afro puff.


Instant princass had a really pretty 3c curl hairstyle I want :sob:


I want that too! It’s really cute.


In Pitch Perfect Fat Amy is plus size.So It doesn’t need anymore tweaks since It is already in a published story.


are there any updates today?


But the only clothes that exist for that body type are the ones made for Fat Amy. And certainly I’d hope they would give as many clothing options for the plus size type as they do for the current one. THAT aspect is what takes a while. They have to produce all existing assets again for every new body type.


there should be…




Still no update? It’s 4:10 here. Better be a large update.


Watch it be like two new t shirts and a mole :face_with_hand_over_mouth::joy:

[Limelight] But First, Coffee Shirts!

@Liz are we still getting an update today?


FACTS lmfaooaoaa


I’m still kind of annoyed how moles and freckles aren’t in character customization, but in outfits instead.

You can’t use more than one tattoo either: I really wanted a hip one and arm, but it wouldn’t layer :confused:


Exactly. Now I have to make individual outfits for each character if they want a mole or not :triumph:


It’s honestly so damn annoying, I want my characters to be hella tattooed but it won’t work with me :frowning:


I saw Liz say that a lot of the staff are off for holiday.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they skip updates. Although it’s in poor taste that they wouldn’t inform us no updates.

This might sound problematic but I really liked Jess. She informed us when there was no updates days early and she listened to our complaints/opinions.

Maybe I’m overthinking. No doubt that Liz works hard too.


Tbh for a company like Episode, releasing once a week is kind of slow, but even slower if it’s just a few shirts and “new tech” like a dotted mole lol. I wouldn’t mind updates every Thursday or even every other week if they actually released in batches.

And having yet-to-be unreleased styles still “new” is not an excuse, since many featured stories have had these styles for a couple of months now and worked just fine lol. I guess I reaaaaally hate the idea of having to constantly updated stupid CC templates.


Omg I know, they’re super slow about updates. They have more unreleased assets than open ones. We only get less than 1% of their new assets every Thursday. Maybe if the updates were bigger than the Thursday updates would be fine. But this process is really slow :sob:


Yeaaaah I’m not gonna do that with any available CC character for my new LL version of my published story. Both LI have a beauty mark/mole on their cheek, not removable, along with tats.

Like hell I’d make separate outfits for potential naggy readers who don’t “like” a simple black dot. Exit out the story if it bothers you that much lmao.


Exactly its so sad lmfao