[Limelight] Props to you!


It’s 3:20. It don’t think we’re getting anything.

Boo to them for not telling us.


Its 4:17 EST time


Yeah it’s one thing if it’s a smaller company. But…this is EPISODE. One of the most downloaded apps for storytelling or overall. Would be a better move to enhance writers’ motivation to write if stuff was released sooner or in bigger batches.


But they can give literally EVERYTHING to featured writers


They have been updating earlier lately, previously (at least since I’ve been on forums) they were between 3:00-4:00 cst… I just hope that we’re still getting one even if Christmas is soon…


But how many weeks/months do u think they were working on that in advance?? and ya gotta remember that was only a few outfits for one size if. ppl want proper plus sizes, then there is more then 1 type of plus size.

plus that could have been more of a test run to see if it actually would/could work properly and also Amy didn’t use every animation they have.


This will probably get flagged and this is way too late, but it’s a flannel!! It’s a tartan!! Who gives a crap? It’s a bunch of pixels put together for your own use that creators spent a lot of time and work on. Chill. It’s a name.


Well, I just think people all over the world call the same thing by different names like orange jam and marmalade because of the pattern everyone with exposure knows the scottish origin. A minor difference is what you make it into


Neither orange jam nor marmalade are cultural staples like tartan or the sari. Although marmalade is made from orange peels and orange jam is made from the pulp, so they are different things.

Regardless, it’s a name I believe should be changed to reflect its cultural origins on Episode, and I shouldn’t be silenced for that belief.


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@Nicolette1 well then this is the wrong thread to put it on~
Perhaps you could divert this to another thread or start a new one?
Much appreciated.
_ Back on topic _
I love the new props, but I for future reference I feel like we need cutlery and utensils, even gardening hoes, etc- almost all are school or culinary related.
What do you think?


I like the idea!


Well to be fair, episode isn’t really the one to blame for it being called flannel.

But yes, silencing you was unnecessary because you were very on-topic


I just wish Episode didn’t just see things from an American perspective when they’re using other culture’s attire. It’s bad enough that the Writer’s Portal only accepts American English. The most simple thing they could do to show they’re honouring their diversity standards is call things like the flannels tartan. It’s such an easy little fix!

I don’t know why they thought that talking about the name of the update wasn’t on topic. I don’t know why expressing any emotion other than ecstatic gets flagged.


Um…–Are we gonna get the tied red Tartan around waist any time soon?


Very true, hopefully when we get more updates like this, they would be more mindful


Is anyone else having issues with the champagne flute filled. It was working perfectly for me, but I changed the animations to the stemware animations and after I saved it, the prop only shows up on one out of 5 characters. I’ve submitted a ticket, but just wanted to see if anyone else might have any ideas what’s happened?


Me too, I’m not sure why it’s glitching out so much. It doesn’t show up in the Web Previewer or app for me. :frowning:


:cold_sweat: Though now that I think about it, I’ve seen a lot of background characters in stories doing sip animations with no props, so this must be a glitch thing…:thinking: