[Limelight] Props to you!


I can’t publish my story until guitars are available, kind of silly to have characters play the air guitar on stage in front of an arena of people. :frowning: I know one exists in Pitch Perfect! I guess I’m not elite enough for such luxuries.




Can people stop saying that we stole flannel? For crying out loud, look up the words and where they originate.

Read at your caution but if you don't care, this doesn't apply to you.


The origin of the word is uncertain, but a Welsh origin has been suggested as fabric similar to flannel can be traced back to Wales, where it was well known as early as the 16th century. The French term flanelle was used in the late 17th century, and the German Flanell was used in the early 18th century. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flannel)


Word Origin for plaid. 1510s, from Scottish , from or related to Gaelic plaide “blanket, mantle,” of unknown origin, perhaps a contraction of peallaid “sheepskin,” from peall “skin,” from Latin pellis (but OED finds this “phonetically improbable”). ( https://www.dictionary.com/browse/plaid)


James Logan’s romanticised work The Scottish Gael, published in 1831, was one such publication which led the Scottish tartan industry to invent clan tartans. The first publication showing plates of clan tartans was the Vestiarium Scoticum, published in 1842. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tartan)

I understand that America is effed up. I live in it. You can even blame the horrible people of the past for many things, but don’t blame us for other ancestors or great-grandparents coming to the USA and sharing their culture here. And don’t come at me saying I’m white and need to be hushed. I’M BLACK AND PROUD :laughing: , but I also lived here my whole life. Not only have I lived through the subtle part of the mistakes history in the US has made but also learned the history of my land and the people in it. There are many people all over who, yes, were stolen but also simply moved here and made a home. People are acting like European Caucasians, who actually took over the entire America in the first place, are the only ones here. Don’t forget that where the American’s truly come from, the United Kingdom. The Uk is literally the motherland ancestor for the majority of the population here and who conquered! And, surprisingly, Still, they are NOT the only people to make history here, a terrible one or a great one. Immigration brought their history here and we learned it from your country (Not you, your country and the ancestors that decided to come to America). We had to have learned it from somewhere; otherwise, it wouldn’t be here. Am I right or wrong? Because we can’t magically steal or discover when the world knows exactly where particular things have derived from. It’s all written in history.


We already left it and here you are bringing it up again. Just let it be man. Jeez—I hate it when people don’t like arguing but bring up issues that will cause an argument. We been stopped talking about it. Don’t make it worse for yourself.


I’m not making anything worse. If clearing up misunderstandings is an issue, then isn’t that a problem in itself? How can anyone set aside differences if no one wants to hear the other out or if they become anguished by something someone else may feel is important. I am only clarifying a misunderstanding, not creating an argument.


You’re not clearing up anything really. What is there to clear up? It’s Tartan. Tartan is Tartan. You by saying that isn’t anything. It wasn’t a misunderstanding in the first place anyway, people were just calling it correctly for what it is. And bringing back the “misunderstanding” when it was already done with will cause people to rise again. Just saying…


My clarification was that America never made the word, or stole the word, or stole the fabric, flannel. The word originated in Welsh and was brought by them to America. In fact, we use all three terminologies: plaid, tartan, and flannel. The info is for people who care. That’s literally it.




The argument is over. Do not cause this thread to be closed again! @decembermaria20


Exactly. But no–She’s clearing up a “misunderstanding.” But clearly, she’s just bringing back something that has been done with. :roll_eyes:


Props wise, I saw a knife prop made in that mess of a story My First Everything.

Cannot WAIT til that gets released! Tired of using overlays.


I believe it’s a hidden prop for LL, but actually appears at the back of a character’s hand and only works with one animation (which is a hidden one that will cause an error)


Oh, I thought it was just an unreleased asset.

I’d still kill for it, since it’d be useful for most of my rear animations.


Look. If you guys believe that is what I was trying to do, then I can’t stop anyone from believing that.


Once again, not trying to make an argument and I understand that people may try to make an argument out of that. But what is on the post are simply websites on the info that was misunderstood. It’s only to people who want to read it. No one has to and everyone has the right to look past it. That’s all I did. I would be surprised if anyone does read it or go to the websites. No one usually does and I’m okay with that. Please don’t misunderstand me. :confounded:


Okay, but as you saud yourself, nevertheless it will cause conflict. So there’s no reason to bring it up again. Make your own thread next time.


To be honest, I didn’t know it ended until Aweirdo told me. It was going on for a while and I was trying to get them to stop but I saw once she told me and thank goodness it did.


Ok, got a reply… only 7 days later, might I add, after that first initial response. They said they tested my script, and once they took out the transition I had, all props worked.

I don’t know how that can be since all props were working previously… And the fact that it was showing up on one character even with the transition that was causing the apparent error makes me think it’s not anything to do with the transition… :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I’ve just tested it in my script as I was typing this out and it’s still only showing up for the one character and I want to cry! I have replied to the ticket again and I’ll let you know when I get a response.


Wow what! That really makes zero sense :roll_eyes:


Lol…I’m starting to think it could just be a glitch when we test out our own stories, because not a single reader has sent me a fanmail to say that my characters were all “cheersing” thin air :thinking: If that’s something that’s even possible