Limelight recommendations please!



Hello!! I’m looking for romance recs in limelight because I’m bored and need something to read!!

What I’m looking for
Customizable characters (including family if applicable)
Regularly updated or complete!
Mature themes (I’m grown)
Updated avatar features (I’m hooked! :joy:)
Multiple love interests

Things I won’t read:
stories that force the main character to be white
Abusive relationships
Abandoned stories :cry:

Thanks so much for your suggestions!!


Crave by Lovesuperstarr. If you decide to read ink, than I can recommend more stories.


You’d probably like Galactic Games by Lucky (if you haven’t already read that). Updates are pretty regular, a couple of love interests, includes all the new features, only CC the MC though, no family or any of the friends, but it’s still an enjoyable read


I don’t read ink stories anymore. I just don’t like the look, but thanks for the rec!! :grin:


One of the Girls by Amberose is another great story that perfectly fits your description.
She updates in batches so it doesn’t happen weekly, but in exchange you get more episodes at once and the story is so well-structured that you won’t even notice the wait.


Thank you! I’ll check it out!


:blush: Thanks!!


:rofl::rofl: Thanks love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Being the third wheel by @Jazz


Among the stories I would recommend would be Bisexual Bachelorette by A.J. MacArthur which has multiple love interests, regular updates and a fairly decent plot that subverts many of the cliches. Some more I would personally recommend would be Emerge: The Story of a Warrior by Elle_Episode, Envy by Cindy Gaultier and Love and Let Live by S.Langdon.


Thanks Eri!


You’re welcome :purple_heart:


Can you share your link I have seen a few people say your story but I could t find it :slightly_frowning_face: I would love to read it. :blush:


Of course (wow, I feel so special)


Thank you. :blush:


Thank you guys! Links would be great, too. I couldn’t find a few you guys mentioned for some reason.


I just wanted to say. I read love and let live and it was so funny and fantastic! Lol. I wish the author wrote more limelight episodes!