Limelight romance writing partner needed

I need a writing partner for my story. I can do the coding and everything. You will receive credit for your work. I want this story to be 40-50 chapters. I would love some comedy and romance in the story. The one thing and the most important thing I need is coming
Up with the story. I have the general idea but can’t make interesting episodes. So I need someone to write the basic of each episode and I’ll do dialogue and all that. Anyways PM me if you can help.

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i would be glad to help… only problem is i can’t code. But I can do chracters and write so script if you want

i also kinda have one going if you want to jump in on that

I can help if you like :cupid:

Do you still need help Mya.Writes?

I’m available

im available! im happy to help and have some great ideas