Limelight Romcom recommendations without the usual tropes (PLEASE don't recommend your own)

Hi! Looking to read a well-written Limelight romantic comedy (must include comedy) with skilled directing, without the following tropes:

-bad boy/ gang leader/ millionaire/ jerk/ family member’s best friend/ teacher
-werewolf, vampire (read too many of these)
-mean girl who drives a wedge b/w the two
-having to choose between two or more romantic interests (nothing wrong with this, I just prefer a more focused story for now)
-wedding and kids at the end/ they lived happily ever after (really unnecessary but tolerable if the story is strong enough)
-CC preferable

Toothbrush is an example of a good one I’ve read recently that I’d recommend - it’s super funny too although the lawyers dealing in different types of law is a bit ??? to me. Currently towards the end of Mindreader and it has good pacing and good directing but I haven’t made up my mind about it since it’s still early.

Please don’t recommend your own as there is a whole other separate thread for that already. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Have you tried Trapped by alusza too?? The author of mindreader!

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I think you will like these two:

Unrequited by Fluffy Rice
The Wrong Match by Hijoko

Edit: I just heard that Unrequited got banned from the app, so even if you find it, it won’t be up for a long time… I’m so disappointed tbh


Legally Clueless by char.cee !!! It’s absolutely amazing and fits your criteria. And it has one love interest :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


not a comedy but the depths of newport by @baechulgi is really good

all comedy I knew have been removed

Lol since @HannaKM can’t self-promo here her story Swap fits this, she just converted it to Limelight :crazy_face:

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Hahaha. Thank you😄

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Yeah I just saw that it got removed. Why though?

I read one ep of The Wrong Match… hmm something about the writing and pacing or directing doesn’t quite do it for me. :-/

Thank you for the recommendations though. Wish I had had a chance to read at least one ep of Unrequited.

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Why do comedies get removed? I thought usually darker themes or certain sexual themes get removed.

Thanks! Just added to my list. :slight_smile:

awesome, thanks! Just added to my list. :slight_smile:

Not because they are comedy. But because they broke guide lines. Which kinda suck because they where really good

The Dragon Bride by Earlgrey Tea (and all of her stories TBH, they are awesome!)

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What kind of guidelines?

Haha wouldn’t really call it a romcom, but I did finish reading The Dragon Bride :slight_smile:

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Dare to Dream by Sarah Robbins.
The directing is advanced, but not too crazy. It has moving gifs, diversity, & is very realistic. I love it so much!

It’s definitely not Rom-Com, but it’s Romance & Fantasy, and has some funny moments!

Honestly I think that banning Unrequited was a misunderstanding. That story didn’t break the guidelines. The main characters were shown as kids at the beginning, but that was just flashback, so it’s stupid and unfair in my opinion.

As for The Wrong Match, I would say it gets better and better and I’m not the author lol :sweat_smile: Also, if you haven’t read it yet: One of the Girls by Amberose. It’s heavy in comedy but there’s a lot of romance in it too, so I’m sure you’re going to like it :slightly_smiling_face:

Come close to me by @Edera

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Just binged this in a day. Definitely very well-done and what I was looking for. Thanks for the rec! :smiley:

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