Limelight script error

If anyone is willing to help me, it would be greatly appreciated. I am so new to the writing scene on episode (I write in LIMELIGHT) and I need help with an error that I’ve had on my script for almost two days. I will attach it below, if ANYBODY can help me figure out how to fix it, I would be so great. Thank you.

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well to make a character talk you need to do it like this
CHARACTER (animation)

That is exactly like the NARRATOR one, but you replace NARRATOR by the name of the character and the character name by the animation wanted then you write down the words the character is saying.

There’s no need in @

It worked! But then it’ll say that the animation isn’t a directing command. Should I just remove the parentheses?

You should. You could @JUNE is call_out_neutral

So, it let’s me do the command and dialouge, but there’s a delay. Can you help me with the delay part? Because she doesn’t speak out until the command is done and I want her to talk while it’s happening.

I can help. Just send me the script!

    @JUNE is callout_neutral

@JUNE is search_neutral
@JUNE faces left
@JUNE is callout_neutral

    @JUNE is cry_sob_sad_loop
(I'm going to die out here...)

sound footsteps_forest

So, it’s basically in June’s first words out loud that they delay? I’m not sure if I need to reword it with the animations or whatnot? But if you could help me fix it, that would be so greatly appreciated. :heart:

If you want the character actually do a talking animation when he talks that’s how it should be.
If you only want the animation it is gonna be
@JUNE is callout_neutral

Thank you so much for letting me see how you write on your script, I figured it out and there’s no delay now. Thank you so much!


No problem. If you have any other problem feel free to DM me.

I will! Thank you!

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Actually, one last thing haha. Do you know how to take a visually take a character off the screen and just show what they’re saying? This is how it’s currently written:

&zoom on JUNE to 200% in 0.5.
@JUNE is react_scream_horror

Looking for me, love?

Because I sure as hell was in for a rude awakening.

(BTW, it’s only for Chandler’s line.)

(Let’s say you’re in zone 1)You can place them offscreen like this:

@CHAR stands screen right in zone 3

OMG, thank you. Now I can finish the chapter! Thanks again!

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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks @JemU776! :smiley: