Limelight script templates needed

please feel free to request script templates and share your own on this forum. i have noticed quite a few ink template forums recently which is why i would prefer for this one to be kept strictly limelight only.

i currently need a simple wedding scene template to be used for a flashback. the bride is named AMANDA and the groom is AIDEN. i have 15 female extras and 12 male extras (named FEMALE1, FEMALE2, MALE1, MALE2, etc., etc.) if anyone has a template i could use, please post it here. if anyone is willing to create one for me, it would be much appreciated (;

thanks, ver<3

To give readers the option to customise their character, visit Multiple Character Customization Templates (INK & Limelight) for templates - make sure to give credit to the maker! :)) x

i don’t need multiple character customisation. i need templates.

Oh, sorry! I misread😅

no worries xx i will bookmark it for future reference (:

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