[Limelight] Shave the Date


I said idk just guessing


I hope they release the hairstyles next week.


Finally beards :heart_eyes:


That’s also something that I’m looking forward the most. There needs to be new music.

But I have a feeling that it’ll only be available to Featured Stories since not all tracks are available to regular writers. Fingers crossed tho, we really need new tunes.


Fingers crossed!!


L O V E :heart_eyes:


I’m writing a flashback in my story, and this is PERFECT timing! Now my characters can actually look older without using the mature faces.


Oh my freaking god! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You guys are awesome!



Come through bearded characters. Come throuuugggghhhh!


YES Now I can make fathers that don’t look 17 years old!!!


Got my limelight men looking all snackish. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Related image


However, I do think that Diamond Defined Contour for the women does need a little bit of a fixer upper. The shading around the jaw area almost makes it seem like the female has a beard. Maybe blend it in a little more? Just my two cents.


Facts! Most of my characters are in their 30’s, so these beards were much needed. Lol


Love this! I hope we the new noses as well when we get the hairstyles.


YESSS! But I wish y’all made a stubble version for the ‘male generic’ face shape as it’s my fav face shape for males. :frowning:


Will there be a way to change the color of the beard? Not everyone has dark brown facial hair, some even color them in cool different colors :smile::wink:


I’m having a glitch with the “Round Puffy Cheek”. I don’t know if anyone else is getting it.


INK is quaking. INK men could never.