[Limelight] Shave the Date







Yay finally cant wait to add facial hair to my groups story that we will hopefully publish soon


I added to the Dara template and posted it here for people who use that. I also put in the proper crediting at the end since it is based on her. I know she was going on vacation or something, but if she comes back and updates it, please use hers.


Are you guys updating the goes to character avatar for customizations? Cause that’s what I use for my story. :sob:



(kinda upset tho)

Ima freak out!



Mine was glitching also, but I clicked on it again and it went away.


I have to admit I was hoping they’d make it so we can choose whatever face shape we want and then put a beard on top, but for now I’ll take what I can get :heart_eyes: and like @kylie_writes said maybe we’ll get colors at a later date and maybe they’ll eventually come up with a way to apply beards to any face shape as well.


I just realised the beard and stubble so far is for angular/square jaws. Hopefully there will be ones for round faces too soon please :yum:


You just made my day! :bearded_person: :sunglasses:


Aye!!! :heart_eyes:


No more baby faces! :sunglasses:


That gif tho


Just checking this while at college. THANK YOU!!!


OH MY GOD! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I have been waiting for this moment all my life! I love you for life, Jesse! :heart:

Okay, Hyper time over.
Time to recustomize the looks again.


TYSM! This is awesome! I love it!


Why so?

If they look like they have a beard, that’s actually good, because some woman shave themselves! So this is good, we’ll be able to create diverse characters.


In my opinion the co tour looks way too dark it’s like the character put it on and barely blended it or didnt use the right colour


YAAAAY!!! OMG! Thank you!!!