[Limelight] Shave the Date


@Jesse the Round Puffy Cheek looks like this on my portal.

Is it just me???



yesyes ive been wondering the same thing, especially the hairstyles tht havent been released. >.<


I have no problem against a little facial hair or a lot if that is what your into! :sparkling_heart: But I think what she meants was it was designed to be contour andit does look a bit harsh on the skin. It still looks gorgeous so I don’t really mind. :black_heart::purple_heart::black_heart::purple_heart:




Amazing update, thanks! :sparkling_heart:

@CoraMae is right! What is wrong with a woman having facial hair?
Do we really care about beauty that much? (We shouldn’t!) This is how insecurity can start, when other people talk about a feature as if it shouldn’t be there just because the person is a certain gender. Not cool : (

Maybe not include writing “if that is what you’re into”… :sweat_smile:

Anyways, I’m excited to add these features into my story ^^


I think that they said that because women aren’t generally seen as being able to have beards. :joy: Its true, no offense, but nobody expects to see it because they don’t think it can happen.


In regards to what you said,

Facial Hair

A lot of women may not have beards but the ones that did most likely got rid of theirs because when they see opinions like this that women shouldn’t have beards or that it can’t happen, they just want to fit in so they remove it-they don’t want other people to judge them. If people don’t think it can happen, they need to brush up on education and perhaps take a few lessons in biology. Honestly, this makes me so sad that people think this way. No one deserves to feel left out all because they look different from you and have something that you do not. Be respectful of everyone. We are all unique in our own way :sparkling_heart:
P.S maybe not use the term “nodody expects”.


I didn’t mean to offend anyone, I never said that women shouldn’t have them, I just stated that people wouldn’t expect them to have beards, and to be honest, it’s true. I can’t sugar coat it and lie because if I told a woman that had a beard that and they go out and expect someone to know that but get a brutal awakening that most people don’t, they’ll feel probably even worse if they meet the person in person and the person decides to make fun of their beard.
In their face.
I think most women with beards know that people don’t know that, if they’re very social they’ll meet some people that’ll probably think that their beard is fake. If a woman has a beard, so be it. But, all I’m saying is is that people will find out, if you lie to them to make them feel better on a subject that can be disproved by something as simple as talking to others, and I don’t mean that literally “nobody knows.” It is like saying “nobody would eat pineapple pizza,” they know that some people will, they just mean most people. I know some women will have a little to no facial hair, but if some have noticable facial hair all I am saying is is that not many people will expect it.

Facial Hair is Beautiful

A lot of people may not expect women to have facial hair just like women with facial hair know and expect some people will not like their beards. You don’t need to say anything to them- they know that a lot of women don’t have beards, they know that there will be people who will make fun of them, they see it in the media & magazines & the internet that portray women with no facial hair. You don’t need to sugercoat the truth when it’s staring them in the face-almost everywhere you see, most women are ‘flawless’. Women with beards do know this, they don’t need a reminder. (However, sometimes it can hurt to see-they may feel down, upset and have mixed emotions). They woudn’t expect others to know that they have facial hair before meeting them, since it isn’t seen much on women. They know that there will be people who are thinking badly about it (smh, people can be so cruel!). But they are strong and brave to not let society’s standards bring them down- they stand tall and don’t/shouldn’t let people’s expectations of what a woman’s face should look affect them. It is their choice to express themselves freely and if people have a problem with it, well that’s their business-if someone’s too busy focusing on your beard, they really need to find other things to do with their life. Who cares what others think when it comes to appearance? You do you! If someome has a problem with the way you look, they’re not worth your time! We need to spread positivity! Every person in this world is beautiful <3 And to all the girls and women who have beards, be proud and flaunt your style! Society expects you to do this or have this, well I say, society’s ‘bad’ rules on beauty are made up gibberish lol :facepunch::sparkling_heart: Sigh, oh how I wish some people were more accepting :confused: If we can’t change others’ attitudes, then let’s spend our energy with the people who are kind and make us feel happy rather than sad.
Judging someone purely on their looks is always a horrible thing to do. Period.

Anyway, I’ll leave it here as I don’t want to end up going way off-topic…:sweat_smile:


I meant as if though if that is your preference, I don’t know which way it was taken but it wasn’t meant to be negative.


If you want a beard go for it! If you have a beard and like it, keep it. I’m not dissing anyone with one as I said in my last post and all I was saying is that beards are cool! Women, men, other, anyone really! But the thing is it was meant to be contour as other people did try and say, and contour isn’t that deep on the skin. It may look fine to other users, and it’s fine to me but they were trying to express their belief that they thought the contour should have been softened. I like beards on anyone, or moustaches or a goatee! :bearded_person: and there are so many more to express identity and creativity! But like I have said before it wasn’t meant to look (in my eyes, and the way it says contour :stuck_out_tongue: ) as a beard. If it was I don’t think this conversation would be made but alas. I’ll conclude. Beards are beautiful! Moustaches are! All facial hair on any face is. But they were trying to say they thought it was contour.

I hope people understand! :purple_heart::bearded_person::black_heart::bearded_person::purple_heart::black_heart::bearded_person::purple_heart::black_heart:


I think I found a glitch


Not sure if it’s in the right place though.


I really like the Diamond Defined Contour face. It matches with mine perfectly since I have dark areas on the side of my cheeks and surrounding my eyes. (I don’t have a beard though :sneezing_face:.) I think it looks nice and very unique. They did a good job and I don’t get really why to hate it. :woman_shrugging:t5: :grin:


Seeing that most women can’t grow beards idk what you’re going on about


I have that glitch too.


me to sis.


Is it gone yet?


Now it is, I just tested it.


Good. Thanks for telling me that!


Round puffy cheek glitch is still there for me. Has anyone found a way to fix it?