[Limelight] Shave the Date


Round puffy cheek glitch is still there for me. Has anyone found a way to fix it?


I din’t know. Now the silhouette hair color glitched too.


Mine also did, I clicked another face shape, saved it then clicked round puffy check, saved and refreshed the page, it worked.


I think it may be a glitch, but it’ll be fine. personally I made 2 shadow figures. If you accidentally chose another colour before you used silhouette black, it won’t show up as silhouette black first, but if you then change the face shape or something, it become silhouette. If this is the glitch, then it’s annoying, but not really a glitchy thing.
If not, sorry for misunderstanding.


For that it’s glitched for me too. I flip the character around a few times and it usually fixes by then.


Hi, I just have created the account on the forum. Could you please tell us, when will the new hairstyles (female) and clothes in Limelight be available?
I have just started writing my first story, and I’d love to use the new hairstyles and clothes for my female characters. I’ve seen them in the newest Stories you guys released now.

Please respond <3




There wasn’t an update days ago???


They said that they wouldn’t because it was thanksgiving


do you use a phone or a laptop to make stories?

if a phone you should go to www.episodeinteractive.com and you’ll get limelight!

same goes for laptop!


Hi, I am using laptop. What I mean is, in Episode own story like Positively Princess, I have noticed completely new hair designs for female characters, as well as new outfits and face features which aren’t available now. I wonder when will they update it for all the users, if they will be updated at all. I am seriously digging some of those hairstyles and dresses, which would be perfect for the story I am writing. xx


lets hope this week!


I hope




My favorite part of Positively Princess might be Dalton’s hair. :sweat_smile: But I haven’t seen that style among the new hairs in the other recent stories, so I’m thinking it might sadly be character-specific. I’d be happy to get the other hairstyles that’ve been popping up here and there, though!


Awe, that’d be a shame! I love all the hair designs between female and male characters :cry:

Do you know about outfits, like dresses? So, I have been seeing in some Stories really beautiful dresses even back in the INK (like all rosy dress or wedding dresses etc) but I can’t see them in the outfits on writers portal. Is it something exclusive to Episode own stories or I can get them somehow? Xx


Some outfits do seem to be exclusive to Episode official stories. I think clothing you have to spend gems to wear are usually the exclusive items.


lmao that was my exact reaction. :woman_facepalming:t4:


If you have a problem with the face shape, then don’t use it. :woman_shrugging:t5: It’s nice to have it and great for diverse characters.