Limelight Skintone Update

Seems with the addition/push of new skintones. All of my readers’ customization is turning all their characters darker (like a lot darker than they originally had done)


Did it get fixed? :thinking:

All the colors are still slightly off but seem better. I’m just going to redo all my templates.

Redo your templates? Will you need to add in the new skin colors? Will the old ones we had previously still work? Cause some of us spent a lot of time working on these templates some time ago :thinking:

They only work if you don’t re-save them. I tried copying and pasting my old templates and I get this error.03%20PM

I know episode released templates we can use and dara who is always helpful updated her templates.

Yes, I heard about Dara’s templates- super helpful to many people. And yikes, that’s scary, I’ll make sure not to re-save, thank you for the warning :yellow_heart:However, I’m still weary-never know what will happen, especially since there are some errors people are getting with this new update.

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I couldn’t agree more. And Yeah I feel the same way. I put so much effort into my templates it’s a shame they couldn’t honor saved versions of the old skin colors.

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Just redo them with the new skin tones.

Here is some of them: