[Limelight] Skirts and Dresses


I am loving these! I am really desperate for some wild black and white striped tight hinthint* I need some more gothic/crazy/nightmare before christmas looking stuff :smiley: I was so desperate I made stripes overlays in one scene :smiley:




Woaaaahh gotta check that out ASAP!!


Loooooove it♥️✨


As soon as I saw “Mermaid Dress” I had to check it out and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. I LUV it! :heart:


I’m obsessed :heart_eyes: SO ADORABLE :heart:


Please, stop begging for INK stuff on Limelight clothing announcements. There are a few topics for INK updates. :unamused::expressionless:




The mermaid dress is stunning!


The babydoll dresses are :fire::fire::fire:


Those new Skirts and Dresses are just extraordinary!
Tysm for the update :sparkling_heart:


Honestly, same. Didn’t they say they’d release a final batch of clothes for INK? I know they work hard but, now it just feels like they’re stalling…


They’ve announced that clothes from featured stories won’t be released, if you’re one of those people who want that, it’s not happening…


I know that already but they mentioned something about releasing the last few clothes they have or something as a final update


is this just for stories or ?


Please make more INK clothes!!!


Ink already has these clothes…


LL needs hella more shoes




@Jesse I really love these new art updates, but could it be possible to do at least few Ink releases again, as it has been quite a while? I don’t mean to be really rude, but I just wanted to say maybe you and your team should give thoughts about it.

People would love to have more normal sneakers for females and males, tattoos for females, hidden hair styles, hidden animations and more accessories.