[Limelight] Skirts and Dresses




@Jesse I really love these new art updates, but could it be possible to do at least few Ink releases again, as it has been quite a while? I don’t mean to be really rude, but I just wanted to say maybe you and your team should give thoughts about it.

People would love to have more normal sneakers for females and males, tattoos for females, hidden hair styles, hidden animations and more accessories.


its hard to write abou when new INK stuff is coming out on old INK post they havent posted anything about INK in months, doubt they actually look through the comments on them, there are lots of INK storys and many authors prefer using INK cause they hav gotten so used to it, and in Limelight you can backpacks and ever purses with animals, we would likes those to be added to INK also in the INK featured storys some have tattoos for females and more new and better outfits which we would love to use and they would be perfect for new INK storys, the best way for the episode team to see out opinion is comments in the newest post which all happen to be about limelight


like we love to also write in limelight but we do preffer INK for some of us and we just wish that they have these new outfits and accesorys fr limelight which work if they could add it in iNK, and some of the INK clothes into Limelight,


Especially now the maid and butler set would go great with the Victorian set and the gothic dress.