LimeLight Small Cover

I looking for a small cover for my story it’s called
My Rockstar Bestfrined
By: Brooke M.

summary: Axel and Isabella have been friends since before birth their mom’s are high school best friends anyway as they grow up together Isabella helps axel with a tubeu channel and is discovered as a very talented music artist. he is a lead singer/guitar player. he goes on a tour and when he comes back isabella has grown up to a beautiful young woman and he starts to fall for her but only to find she has a boyfriend. but will they fall in love or is it too late?

people I want on the cover are:

I would like the rest of the band up on the stage too but not needed. here they are if you need them.

Base player.


this is an example of a background for it…

I already made one for you?

It wouldn’t let me make it smaller but I used it as my large cover.

Hiya i can do that for you x

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That would be great pm me


if you haven’t found someone yet,
I would gladly make you the cover::heart:

I have finished with your request! :hugs:
If there if is anything you would like changing just PM me :wink: