[Limelight] Smile for the Camera


LOVING IT!!!:heart_eyes:


I prefer it without the roots but maybe they’ll add the roots as an add-on somehow? Like a hair colour option? (For people that want it.)


I really hope we get the body hair and new music next update


I know Im late butttt I love this! I cant wait to work on my story this weekend lol



There’s too many hair colors so they probably wouldn’t add it to all of them, probably blondes only. It is a feature request but it still remains silent along with ombre hair :thinking:


I can make KIM KARDASHIAN NOW :joy: :joy:


Agree, i hate to see shirtless guys with no hair… hopefully they’ll do it this month




so cute :heart_eyes:


By the way everyone…

We now have a hairstyle that’s (fairly) wearable with this hood. Short Straight Tucked. I think Sleek Ponytail works too, but only from the front


i think they should add edges


im glad now you dont have to make them bold


Bald looks so weird with the hood!


These are the best hairs, I’m in love!


I know right and then when they take it off you add hair


I can’t wait for more hair to come out


Ah!!! I am so pleased to see a bun for the ladies! Thank you so much!


Same here, I’m dying for the cultural hair that’s in Instant Princess


Yes the Afro


But then again, everything about this hood looks wrong from the back