[Limelight] Smile for the Camera


Yes this is fire🔥


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were did you find that cause i dont see it @ShanniiWrites


Boy those wrap dresses aren’t new



The hood or the hairstyle? :slight_smile:




Also in portal?


Unfortunately no, I don’t have control over the ones in the portal.


I wonder if Episode is planning on updating the avatars on the app…


I have noticed the new hair colours that were released a few weeks ago are on it, but not everything else :slightly_frowning_face:


YESSS TY so basically all of the fantastic styles from Love Life are here. About time lol.

Hope they update the character portal when they release new styles tho . Must be aggravating updating CC templatess


Plus when was the last time they even updated the charactee avatar lol


I am so happy with this week’s new updates, that I literally can’t breath,
First of all, you just updated a day or two ago to make everyone happy on those other new hairstyles! And look at this current update! Lips, clothing, hairstyles- you really, really deserve so much, because this is absolutely amazing, and there were some hairstyles I was dying for. I am so grateful to the Episode team and I just want to let you know thank you for not complaining, because this week’s update was definitely gold, and I appreciate all the hard work done on the Episode team.
Obviously, all other updates will not need to compare to this, because this is so, so, amazing! I am so damn pleased I could start dancing.
OH my god, I’m so happy to see all the positive comments (finally, and I’m sorry if it sounds rude) but this is just great! This is so good! THIS IS SO GOOD!
SO THANK YOU SO MUCH! :heart::heart::heart:


How are you so efficient… :clap::clap::clap:


Bump because I wish all the authors for all the stories I’m currently reading would read this and let me customize rn!! Lmao.


This is probably why they had the week with no updates. They must have had so many bugs to squash for it to take this much time… nevertheless I’m happy for this update.


Wow, that’s fast!


idk if i’m just tired but do you guys see a difference between heart shaped pout and heart shaped pout braces?:thinking:

(left is heart shaped pout and right is heart shaped pout braces)


no wonder my brain is forcing me to continue on writing when i woke up this morning. these new updates are amazing, i literally can’t breathe. love the new hairs especially! :heart_eyes: thank you episode team! keep up the great work :yellow_heart: