[Limelight] Smile for the Camera


They’re the same lip shape just one has braces which you’ll see when the character talks


lol thanks! i was like wth am i missing?! :sweat_smile:


Em hehe… the lips seems so similar to each other, you hardly find the difference between them… but the hair looks good :no_mouth:


I’ve fallen in love w my own characters


God bless you!


Sexy :heart_eyes::two_hearts:


Woah! I love these new updates! They’ll add lots to my stories!



so cuteeeee :heart_eyes:


i’m LIVING for this update…




With the addition of these hairstyles, moles, freckles, and lips- I just keep scrolling over and over again. It looks so much more realistic!
No offence intended for the Rose Avatar (I always choose her when I make a female avatar because she doesn’t wear chunky things and doesn’t have hats or glasses that could block her face from view) but just look at the comparison between:
No, it wasn’t the difference between skin colour, I only realized that it was different :sweat_smile:, but it happened to be a convenient character I might use, anyways. (I might have chosen the wrong freckles, by the way)


That guy though :heart_eyes:




Seriously, though, if I ever get to publishing my story I’m totally adding him as a LI, wow :raised_hands: (of course as long as that is OK by you)


I’d rather you not but thanks for the compliment :heart_eyes: I love your pfp tho. Look so cute :two_hearts:


No worries! That’s why I asked! And thank you! I love yours as well!


I forgot this… shoot.


OMG thank you for the bun so much


The next step… memories :disappointed_relieved: