Limelight spy characters

Hey y’alllll

I’m going to start writing a secret agent type story (like Charlie’s Angels style) and I am in need of some characters :heart:

If any of you want to be spies, bad guys, or any background characters please drop them below!

What I need:

  • Character details:
  • Spy, bad guy, or background character:
  • (Optional but helpful) name for character:
  • (Optional) Character traits

Thank you all that help me out! I appreciate it :blob_hearts:


I would like to nominate myself hhh anything with independence and badass is my type of this I mean girl we used to wish we were one of the spies girls as kids


Name: Mystik(as my spy name) or Luna (regular name) or MystikLunaa
Skin: Gold02
Eyebrows:Arched Natural Scar-Black Jet
Hair:Messy Sock Bun-Black Jet
Eyes: Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye-Brown Pale
Face: Round Puffy Cheek
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Full Round Pouty-Pink Peach Medium Matte
Extras: Dragon Sleeve Tattoo Solid/Snake and Rose Tattoo Ink Multicolor/Nose Stud Silver

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Name: Mousse
Profession: Spy
Traits: Sarcastic, mature, funny, badass, witty, intimidating, independent, Aquarius, loves the colour black, swears all the time
Preferred Pronouns: They/them/theirs

Skin: Neutral 02
Face: Soft Round
Hair: Layered Wavy Bob (Dark Black)
Eyebrows: Arched Natural (Dark Brown)
Eyes: Monolid Slender (Dark Hazel)
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Mouth: Full Round Flat (Pink Beige Matte)

Also, please don’t make my character get involved with any romantic stuff.

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  • Character details:
    Skin: Neutral 02
    Brows: Arched Natural (Deep Brown)
    Hair: Long straight loose bangs sideswept solid (Brown Black)
    Eyes: Female Generic (Black Brown)
    Face: Diamond
    Nose: Defined Natural
    Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Red Garnet Gloss)
  • Spy, bad guy, or background character: Spy
  • (Optional but helpful) name for character: Élise
  • (Optional) Character traits: Intelligent, sarcastic, athletic, independent.
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-body: Neutal 4
-brow: Arched Natural Scar, Black dark
-Hair: Long voluminous curls, Black dark
-Eyes: Female generic, Blue deep
-Face: Heart soft
-Nose: Round button
-Lips: Full Round Pouty, Black gloss
Traits: Funny, disobedient, independent, badass, and bold
Role: Spy

My character fits your exact description :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


  • Spy, bad guy, or background character: Spy
  • (Optional) Character traits: Smart, loyal, fun, fighter, helpful, strong, bad@ss and serious

  • Spy, bad guy, or background character: Spy
  • (Optional) Character traits: Easygoing, funny, fun, silly, loud, player, and charming

  • Spy, bad guy, or background character: Bad guy
  • (Optional) Character traits: Bossy, sassy, rude, short temper, fighter, seduce, and show no mercy to anyone

  • Spy, bad guy, or background character: Bad guy
  • (Optional) Character traits: Cold hearted, quiet, blunt, smart, sometimes nerdy, and kill anyone who gets in his way

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Name: Saint Bishop


I can be a bad (but nice) guy! (Romance is fine with my character)


You change the hairstyle however you like!
If you can add piercings (eyebrow or nose), tattoos. and ear piercings, that would be awesome!
Outfit: Anything Black and Edgy!


She’s sarcastic, humorous, lovable, hot-headed, loyal, caring and clever. She can come across intimidating and harsh but will help anyone in need. She’s ver realistic and she will tell anyone the hard truth if needed. She has always put many lives before her own. Mona also is very good in combat weapons, and tech. She’s a problem solver and confident in what she believes in.

Can’t wait to see your story soon!

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Hey there!

(instead of this hair, you can use the messy bun)
She also has a nose stud piercing and the flying birds tattoo!

She could be the bad guy. Her name is Lucy. She’s usually dressed in black/revealing clothes. Lucy has that resting b*tch face on 24/7 but she can be kind whenever she feels like it. but otherwise, she’s pretty much spoiled lol. but great company once you get to know her!

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character profile

role : spy

In my story, they are couples and they work together. Alec is the tech guy who find the bad guys and Roy is the fighter who take those bad guys down. If you can give them the same role you can use them.


bad guy



My Nick name is Bebo or Ouma
Skin Tone: Neutral 04
Eye Brows: Arched Thick Styled / Black Dark
Hair: Long Down Wavy Princess Braid / Brown Black
Eyes: Female Generic / Brown Dark
Face: Heart Defined
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Small Heart

Heres another.

You can choose her place!

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  • Character details:

    Warm Pink Afro hair.
    Brown pale Angular Slender Eyes
    Her face is a Diamond Long.
    She has a Round Flared Upturned nose
    She sports Full Flat Top Pouty
    She has no eyebrows.
    Her skin is ash 06.
  • Spy, bad guy, or background character: Spy
  • (Optional but helpful) name for character: Donna
  • (Optional) Character traits: Kind, Heroic, protective, perfectionist, worried about telling others she’s a pygmy for fear of racism against her because she used to live in Germany from 6-12 and they bullied her. She’s very sweet, and and becomes bubbly around people she knows well to make them happy because she’s depressed and their smiles make her smile.

Her race: She’s a Pygmy…
They aren’t all short as told by them, themselves.
Some don’t live in tribes.

When she was 8, her father died from a hate crime in that time, her mother mourned. Her mother was a beautiful woman, strict but caring and showered her with love.
When she was 10, her mother was kidnapped, she stayed homeless for 2 years, and she was raised by a woman who kidnapped her at 11, and took her to the U.S. when she was 12-years-old.
The woman was wicked, her mother would kill people who did nothing wrong.
The woman held no virginity.
The woman treated her like dirt and she witnessed men coming in and out of the woman’s home. These men were either nice to her or evil to her, usually both the woman and her.
One day, Donna ran away for her life when the woman chased her down with one of the men who the woman did things to, His name was Lover, he nicknamed Donna Fighter.

The woman Donna ran away from’s name was Lilium.

  • Character details:

    Skin: Gold 03
    She has Round Thick Light Brown eyes.
    She has Rose Gold Short Wavy Ombre hair.
    She has Monolid Defined Blue Aqua eyes.
    She has a Triangle Defined face.
    She has a Round Downturned nose.
    Lips: Fair Gold Matte Medium Downturned Pout
  • Spy, bad guy, or background character: Bad guy
  • (Optional but helpful) name for character: Lilium
    She’s from my story, Donna will be used minimally. (As a spy to help a character find people who’s murdering people like her mother would)
  • (Optional) Character traits
    Evil, wicked, whore, abusive, psychopathic, minimal sympathy, generally sinful, anti-Christian unlike Donna who held onto it because of her biological parents.
  • Character details:
    Warm Pink hair.
    Looks like:
    Either mixed or an entirely different race all together.
    He’s human but his features (hair, skin tone, eye color.) look inhuman.
    He hasn’t dyed his hair, changed his skin in any way or eye color. It’s all natural.
  • Spy, bad guy, or background character: Good guy, not a spy, quite strange to others.
  • (Optional but helpful) name for character:
  • (Optional) Character traits
    Strange person… Flies on occasion, teleport to numerous places.
    Pretends to be normal, this causes people to think he’s “Not quite right”
    He’s racially ambiguous. No one knows his parents.
    He’s a happy-go-lucky person.
    Quick to think of solutions. He likes to try and make Donna genuinely happy.
    They say his father was an angel in a human body and that’s why he looks so different but because his father’s body’s DNA was human, it caused him to be fully human.

They’re quite right about that one, I’ll tell you.

Donna's future husband, to be honest

Donna’s man VVV

  • Character details:
    Skin Gold 01
    Generic male
    Round Medium Brows That are dark brown.
    He has Ginger Red Medium Messy Curls.
    Eyes: Monolid Slender and Brown Light
    Face: Square Defined
    Nose: Hooked Grecian
    Lips: Pink Beige Gloss Full Heart Large.
  • Spy, bad guy, or background character: Police Detective (Can be spy in your story)
  • (Optional but helpful) name for character: Luis
  • (Optional) Character traits
    He’s a heart throb in looks to other women, even an unwilling to date Donna, but awkward.
    Donna doesn’t want to date, she’s not mean, she rejects guys in way that says “No, I’m sorry, but I’ll think about it in the future!”
    HE won the match.
    They’re virgins, Donna is not into sex out of wedlock, he’s okay because he wants to share it with a woman he’ll be with forever.
    He sees her as perfect, wonderful and sweet, he loves her more than himself.
    He never envies her (like wants what she has), boasts himself but always like to be near her, he’s kind to her, he plans to marry her (any man with a love like this has plans in the future for some marrying parties.) and he’s patient with her.

He was meant to be a good man who truly loves her.

When she falls in love with him, she does the same (love is patient, love is kind, it doesn’t envy, it doesn’t boast. like of thing) but due to her personality, in a different way. This is to show people what a love in romance looks like. They do argue, but mostly she’s nice to him and he is to her. They may also disagree on things like…

(This is based on my mom and dad) Donna mistook only America Caucasians being called white people, he knows society considers people from Europe or has European ancestry as white people.
They had a small argument, they forgive each other a lot. so it didn’t end horribly, They weren’t angry at each other, they don’t get EASILY angered towards each other. They get angry with each other, just not easily, Her biological mother and biological dad had this kind of love towards her before they died. Lover has this kind of love for Donna. The difference is the type of love it manifests in and the way it manifests, her parents and Lover had a parental relationship, her boyfriend has a romantic relationship. Donna has depression from her childhood with Lilium but is happy to have these people in her life that love her so much.
She has PTSD and is in therapy and only Lover and her knows until some news gets out to her boyfriend her feels sorry for her when he finds out.

Her boyfriend’s name is Luis (Main character from my story allowed to be used by you in your story)

We can treat these characters like it’s an AU or a character that was hired in the future by your spy corp. (This character lives in a town outside of the U.S. or on a reverse depending on choices and he’s literally this species: he’s smart. He deals with crimes against his town in Darley Dale in my story.

Add your own extra flaws to the characters if you want, (make them biblical sins and then add things people say are wrong but aren’t in the bible which is hard to find because most of the things people say are wrong are in the bible, this is optional to pick a non-biblical sin flaw, I’m only keeping it in for reliability. adding a lack of ability to say what you did wrong but knowing deep down it is wrong is a good one, killing is allowed but Donna don’t like it, and can’t eat anything right after. It’s the same thing with Lover and her boyfriend. Lilium CAN eat and is happy when people die.)

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Heaven &’ Mercedes are foster sister. Also Heaven &’ Jacques are a couple been dating since 9th grade. And Naomi is the girls best friend. All 3 girls live together.

She isn’t afraid to speak what’s on her mind. She loves to have a good time, and she could also make some rebellious choices that won’t end up good. But if you get on her bad side, you will wish you never did. She always wears the latest fashion.

Doesn’t care much for drama, but will stand up if you mess with somebody he loves. He looks like a rude dude but once he speaks he’s a sweet heart. Show affection towards us girl whenever and wherever. Only has about 3 close friends.

She’s a bad a** female, always in some type of drama, doesn’t care what people think about her. She has a bad temper. The scar on her nose was a result of a very very bad child hood. Has a job nobody knows about… has a cold heart and doesn’t care about anybody, only Heaven, Naomi &’ Jacques. She is bisexual.

The mother of the friend group. She is body Positive and try’s to help others with their confidence. Doesn’t like drama and tries to solve the problem as fast as possible. Don’t like to party but once she has a few shots in she is a goofy and fun person to be around. Loves to take pictures. Always wearing a headscarf because of her curly hair.

My characters could be whatever you think would fit your story :slight_smile:

P.S~ credit @heaven.episode4 on Instagram

I’d like to be a spy, my name us Luna. I consider myself friendly and helpful, I’m very open-minded and consider myself very opinionated. I’m also a perfectionist & aim to fo the best that I can in any situation. I don’t like starting things without finishing them and find that I spend time on small details.

Maisie - Quick-witted, goofy, very sarcastic
Dimitri - Flirty, charming, good at thinking of ways to get himself out of sticky situations