Limelight Stories vs Ink Stories 💙


So, I’m currently in the process of writing a Limelight style story, but I just wondered…
Does the style put you off? I’d just love to hear people’s views on the matter!
If you prefer Ink, would you not read a story if it was Limelight? Or vice versa?

Choices for you: Ink or Limelight?
Limelight or INK?Help

I like both limelight and ink but I do have to say I prefer ink but I’ve read many amazing stories in ink and limelight so the style doesn’t really bother me :heartpulse:


I love both styles but I prefer Ink more. Lemme know when you publish it. :relaxed:


I love both styles! I mainly like Ink for the simple directing, but I also love Limelight for the customization options!


Thanks I will! :blush:


If I was honest I would like to read INK (I like LL too…)
I just prefer INK. (but it’s your choice and do whatever you feel like doing)


I prefer Ink but I would read a Limelight story.


If it was a good story, i would definitely read it. Although, i do prefer ink.


I’ll be the only person who prefers Limelight :grin:




Although a lot of the forum users prefer INK, I’ve found that Limelight is hugely popular (Through Instagram as I have a LL story) so don’t be put off if not many say Limelight here :slight_smile:


Yeah, I suppose there are a lot of Limelight stories that get recognition too. :thinking:


i prefer INK, but if the other aspects of the book are good (proper grammar/spelling, description, cover, title, plot, etc) i would read it. :heart: good luck on your story!


I prefere LL too mostly becuse It looks realistic.INK looks like drawing,but there is still some things I prefer in INK.


Thanks! :heart:


It definitely depends on the story, some stories suit certain styles better. INK characters have all just blurred into 1 for me, the same looks are so overused so appears as less originality, so I agree I prefer the realism look :slight_smile:


And in INK everyone uses the same outfits…different story,the same outfits


You guys liked every comment. I will now have a lot of likes yey :joy:


Thanks for the opinions :slightly_smiling_face:


Would read either LL or INK, just not classic