Limelight stories with boss or professor love interest?

Can anyone recommend stories where you fall in love with your boss or professor (or an older guy in general)? The high school romance stories are a little young for me, something more mature would be nice. Minimal grammar or spelling errors are always a plus too.

I’ve read “The Lawyer and Me” and it’s hands down my favorite story, but the writer is still coming out with more chapters. Same goes for “Broken Rules” so I’d like something else to read in the meantime! (While I wait very impatiently haha)

Anyone have any favorites? New stories you’re working on? Let me know! :slight_smile:


Did I say something wrong?

I’m surprised, with all these kind of stories, I was expecting everything but this topic lol.

Maybe because there are more INK than LL ? You sure you just want LL stories because I know a few in INK. :grin:

He’s actually her boss in the story.

Affair with the boss

What can I say, spicy romance stories make the work day go by quicker. Guilty pleasure.

I don’t mind the other styles, but LL is my favorite. The avatar expressions/movements are more realistic. I’m open to recs though.

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I tried to start this story, but the grammar was awful, I couldn’t get into it. Does it get better in later chapters?

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I’ll check it out, thanks!

To be honest, no it doesn’t. :joy::sweat_smile: I stopped for a reason. Read my lips is a good story.

Yeah my story is about both!

Here’s the link!

It would really mean a lot if u would check it out especially because u are interested in these types of stories! :kissing_heart:

I’ll take a look :slight_smile:

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Much appreciated :blush:

I just can’t get past that! Lol.

I’ll favorite that one, thanks :slight_smile:

I hate stories with bad grammar it makes me wanna chuck my phone out the window :sob: (but at the same time I try to force myself to read it coz the plot seems good although I CANT UNDERSTAND IT- so I read something else)