Limelight Stories you play as a gay guy

I serching a LL stories you play as a guy (a gay guy)

villian rehab

the stolen child


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Is anyone knows stories like what i serching??

sorry i just read that you where looking for gay guy story. this stories are not gay

You can play as a gay guy, or a bi girl.

That it too shirt story… i serch for a long

My Straight Friend. But… It’s INK… So nevermind.

Anymore stories??

Maybe mention in the first post you are looking for stories with episodes that are long :smile:

Or stories that have lots of episodes if that’s what you meant instead :thinking:

Long episode :slight_smile:

Anyone knows stories like this???

I did a check, and as it turns out there’s a serious lack of stories that fit Male MC, LGBT, and LL (and that I’d recommend) unfortunately :confounded: Sorry!

Well, there is Solis: Regnum Fortes. It is the only Limelight story I can read without cringing (not a fan of the style) and you play as both a man and a woman. There is an LGTB love interest for both, and according to the author, they think of the characters as bisexuals.

Is not exactly what you are asking for, but the story is great… and also, these are trying times for gay men, so what you are looking for is either scanty or of poor quality :pensive: