Limelight stories



Does anyone have any suggested limelight stories because I am finding it quite hard to find Limelight stories since it’s like my favourite style :smile: :relaxed:


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Do you have a fav genre? So I could narrow down a list?


probably drama and maybe fantasy


Envy, With or Without you, The Hollywood Scandal, Hot Shot, The Transformation. All these stories are alright but the ones that have a great story line are Envy and With or Without You!


I’m writing a Limelight story called Small Town Secrets and I worked pretty hard on it.


Or my own story, Diary of a Middle School Teacher.


Wow! I’m definitely going to follow that account!


I just gonna start reading it now :slight_smile:


Same here! I love Limelight stories, I currently enjoy Hollywood Hero, Melody Of The Heart and Believe Me :slight_smile:
I’m also writing a story called ‘Maybe We’re Home’ - perhaps you want to check that out too :slight_smile:


Did you like it?


Yes, I did


Imma self advertise here -

Galileo School of Magic dab (fantasy)

H & V : Bad to the Bone double dab (dark action?)


I have read “Galileo School of Magic” and I can’t wait of the next update


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