[Limelight] Summer Time


Hey Episodians,

It’s been a while since we released some new clothes, so this time we’re back with some new clothing just in time for Summer! Here’s a full list of items released:

Limelight Female
Denim Boyfriend Shorts Denim Beige
Denim Boyfriend Shorts Denim Grey White
Denim Boyfriend Shorts Denim Green Hunter
Denim Boyfriend Shorts Denim Navy Blue
Tank Striped Crop Top Cotton Red Rose
Tank Striped Crop Top Cotton Purple Organza
Tank Striped Crop Top Cotton Blue Neptune

Limelight Male
Neck Scarf Silk Grey White
Neck Scarf Silk Blue Cerulean
Neck Scarf Silk Grey Black
Neck Scarf Silk Teal Green
Swoop Neck Short Sleeve Plain Cotton Red Candy
Swoop Neck Short Sleeve Plain Cotton Pink Wild
Swoop Neck Short Sleeve Plain Cotton Royal Blue
Swoop Neck Short Sleeve Plain Cotton Yellow Dandilion

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues.


The Episode Team

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Love the cute shorts and half tops for the girls.


So cute :sob::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


First of all, thank you for this update! :hugs:
Will there be a release of summer dresses soon? I really need a short, breezy yellow dress :pray:t2::sob:


Thanky-Thanky, Episode! :innocent:


i love these, ty!


ty so much!


I love it! But didn’t we already have the Swoop Neck Short Shirts?


love these pieces! such cute crop tops.

(idk why the stripes and pants look so purple in the sc)


The boys shirts called Swoop Neck Short Sleeve Plain Cotton +Color

are old outfits!! In fact one of the first limelight ever got and we have them in 7 different colors, named Swoopneckshortsleeveplain +Color… as you can see from added screenshots.

As you can see, now we have duplicates:


Kill me now, Episode needs to sort this out. :roll_eyes:


That’s great news that limelight is getting more new assets. Any news on the classic outfit glitch?


Not again😂 First the backgrounds, now this.


I would have not guessed that we already had identical ones.


Awesome! So glad that Limelight females especially get more summer clothes, even if its only a couple new styles. Thanks!


Thanks! :smile:


I love all the new clothes! I think that sneakers should be added to the Limelight female clothing.


I support this! It seems as if females are entitled to heels and wedges only…


Cool! Thanks for the new clothes


i think its fixed on everything but web previewer