[Limelight] Sweater Weather!


Hey everyone,

This week we’ve got some new clothes and animations for your characters! We are in the process of releasing them now, but in the meantime here’s the full list:

New Animations
(For Limelight Females and Males)

  • Flirt_coy_atcamera
  • Flirt_fingerbite_sexy

New Clothes
(Limelight Female)

  • Baggy Hoodie and Shirt Cotton Black
  • Baggy Hoodie and Shirt Cotton Brown Beige
  • Baggy Hoodie and Shirt Cotton Grey Light Cool
  • Heeled Close Toed Ankle Boot Suede Beige Pale
  • Heeled Close Toed Ankle Boot Suede Grey Black
  • Heeled Close Toed Ankle Boot Suede Red Praline
  • Open Top Hoodie Pattern Cornflower Blue
  • Open Top Hoodie Pattern Yellow Cream
  • Open Top Hoodie Pattern Orange Red
  • Open Top Hoodie Pattern Orange Blue

(Limelight Male)

  • Baggy Hoodie and Shirt Cotton Black
  • Baggy Hoodie and Shirt Cotton Brown Beige
  • Baggy Hoodie and Shirt Cotton Grey Light Cool
  • Open Flannel Cotton Olive Green
  • Open Flannel Cotton Cool Grey
  • Open Flannel Cotton Brown Tan

As always, please let us know if you encounter any issues with these items. We will update this post once the items have all been released.


The Episode Team

UPDATE Everything has been released!

[Limelight] Freckles, Clothes, & Hair, Oh My!
CLOTHING: Oversized clothing/Off the shoulder tops



I LOVE them!


the baggy hoodies snapped


awesom e


I hope we get more formal wear at some point, but I do love me some sweaters.

Thanks team!


OMFG Thank you!!!


Thank youuuuuuuuu


Hey @Liz you’re back :scream:
Great to have you here :heart:


Omg not that animation. The fingerbite sexy animation was way overused in love life :roll_eyes::joy:


I love how the girls and guys have the same hoodie!


Thank you for working so hard for us <3
However, there’s something I’d like to address here, and it’s the Limelight animations.
I can’t exactly explain why, but they just look emotionless and it’s honestly the only thing I hate about Limelight. Especially the crying animations. They look very emotionless and it’s honestly bothering me a lot. Please please please give us new crying animations that make us feel like the characters are actually sad… :slightly_frowning_face:


And @Liz :smiley: please let the team know they have to fix animation for males flirt_shy which is indeed animation talk_greet_shy :heart:Limelight of course :blush:


I love Limelight animations, for me they’re more real than inks.
But if we talk about cry animation, I think tears are missing.


These baggy hoodies are perfect for female ‘kids’, because it hides the chest! Thank you! :heart_eyes:


Not only tears, emotions! Look at the cry_sob animation for females (don’t remember its full name). It looks like she’s acting, and pretty poorly as well. We need crying animations such as Ink and Classic have. In classic the sobbing animation is placing both hands on her face and crying, it actually makes the reader feel something! The Limelight one just doesn’t look good. I have a part in my story where a mother finds out that her only child was killed. She doesn’t look like she’s sincerely grieving and I honestly hate that scene because of this animation. :weary::frowning_face::disappointed:


I think that’s just personal perception. :heart: Stories which I read use crying animation many times and it always rips my heart in two. :cold_sweat:


image image

"how you doing?" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Maybe it is a matter of opinion, but everyone I asked about this agreed with me so far so this is probably something many people agree on. There’s no need to delete existing animations, just add one or two more that look differently and could possibly satisfy others too :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d be happy if they do :heart: