[Limelight] Sweater Weather!


And did anyone noticed it’s Liz who posted this announcement? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


yay baggy clothes. i’m happy


I love the update! Now the only thing I need is the side shave hair :heart_eyes::wink:


this animation got me cringe a lot when reading love life :smiley: I can’t imagine it using outside the sarcastic flirt reactions :smiley:


Thank you! Love having some alternate hoodie styles. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes omg




This is awesome.


Just in time for winter


They’ve been updated!!!


This happening to anyone else with these shoes?
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No, I tried it with multiple shoes, you might just need to restarts your page or your device


its happening to me aswell


Yup I’ve noticed this with the sneakers too.


Yes yes yes. I knew this was good as soon as I saw baggy.


the problem it’s with the sneakers

image image



They need to fix it fast


yes, this too :cry:


image image
image image

in the long hairs, the headphone is behind


Amazing! But we want this hair!!! Pronto!!:heart_eyes:


YES! Thank you