[Limelight] Sweater Weather!


@Liz Are you guys going to update the post, I see all the clothes are up


Hate to be that person, but do y’all have any plans regarding the release(s) of existing Ink assets, such as animations and clothes?

Don’t @ me, I didn’t ask for brand new stuff, only the existing ones.


She made a thread when she returned.

Back on topic love the sweaters and new ankle boots.


What is the story called?


I saw that :smiley: :heart:


haha oops my bad lol


:heart_eyes: I’m in love, thank you, Episode team! I was looking for sweaters anyways :grin:
Just in time!
Although I must say, I do find the finger biting one like someone is thinking really hard but also moving their body dramatically- I laugh every time I see it.
Perhaps I’ll use it by sticking a toothbrush overlay and making the MC brush her teeth like that :smile:


As soon as I saw this post I was like, “Shadow is gonna be so happy to finally get more modest clothing” :joy:


Yes I am!

It’s an actual outfit I own.


Good for you! :grin::grin:
Nice pairing, by the way.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in real life flirtatiously bite themselves, but for whatever reason, I live on The Island of Liking the Finger Bite Animation. I think as long as it’s not overly used, it’s kind of cute. Other than the wink, the earlier flirt animations for females seem kind of timid and starry-eyed to me, so I like one that’s a little more confident.


Among just a few new stories, there’ve already been so many great hairstyles they’ve shown that I’m dying to get my hands on!


These look great! The hoodies finally show a realistic Saturday night! I really need a life. These are great I hope the next update is hair that is in some of the featured episode stories!


Hey everyone, We’re looking at the issue with the clipping shoes and headphones now. Thanks for letting us know!


FINALLY!! I legit only wear hoodies, so now I can finally relate to some of my characters!!!






thank you so much! Would you mind adding in, flannals and off the shoulder tops next?




the bun to me is too sleek, like you should keep it that way but also add a messy bun.