[Limelight] Sweater Weather!


Yay! We should also get christmas related stuff!


I love these new clothes, but I kind of hope the next update are the Hairstyles from Positively Princess. :smiley:




Shoes have been glitching for me too.


Like this one.


Yes, I’m excited for the hoodies! I really need them for my stories.




They the shoes fixed it for me.


I’d like that hairstyle to be available but I’d also like something messier to be added, a pulled the pony halfway through the elastic and then half assed fanning it out kind of bun.
02-messy-top-knot-for-long-hair 6a00d8358081ff69e2016765622051970b-800wi Best-Messy-Bun-Hairstyles-%E2%80%93-Our-Top-10-2


Yeah, I keep hoping for the MC’s friend’s hairstyle!


True true.
I REALLY want long sideshave and emo hair styles.


i saw an emo hairstyle one in My First Everything


I saw it too.


Shouldn’t be too much to ask for since they do have short versions already.
becky_episode_short_sideshave episode_short_emo_fringe


yes sort of


There’s a long side-shaved style in Instant Princess, so we might get it eventually.


Love them!! :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much, especially for the animations.


all the LL sad animations look really emotionless :neutral_face:


Fingerbite no more available :scream: :sob: