Limelight Taking Over


Ever since Limelight started to become _“in style,” I fell like Episode slowly started to drift away from Ink to work on Limelight. That’s okay because it’s a new style, and they want it to work properly. But, I feel like it’s not fair to authors and readers who love the Ink style. I don’t understand why Episode stop releasing new clothing for the Ink version. It’s stupid because they know some authors still like the Ink version and still use it. It’s like they went total Limelight. I’m not saying Limelight isn’t a good style to write it, I think it’s pretty cool. I don’t like it more than Ink though. That’s just how I feel.


I totally agree with you. I wish they could continue to update Ink.


Right. I don’t know why they completely wiped it out of the picture. It’s still a style that THEY created. It also forces authors to have to write stories in the Limelight style (because it’s a popular style) so they can get more readers to actually read their story.


Ink is still heavily popular, and most prefer it over Limelight. I don’t think that it quite forces people to write in LL, if anything, I’d expect people to be more open to a story written in Ink than LL.

Part of the reason that they’re not updating it anymore is due to the fact that the technology for Ink is outdated, as stated by an admin. It’s easier and faster to create new assets for Limelight.


I love ink and sure it’s sad that it’s not getting anymore updates, but I understand why. Outdated tech is hard to work with. It’s probably not cost-effective either, especially compared to LL. I’m just glad it’s still there and available for us to use.


Meanwhile, I’m still disappointed that Classic and the old spotlight style have disappeared, so…


Yeah I guess you’re right. I just don’t like the fact that us authors have to adapt to the new style being used on the app a lot.


Yeah. I love the classic version as well, and it’s sad that they are not updating the style anymore. My first story is in the classic version.