[Limelight] Tattoos and The Like

What about tattoos for the males?

If the Episode Team updates for INK, the longer it will take for new content. I think it could even take a few months for one object, hence we’d maybe have to wait a year for an update of INK.

I do think Episode is doing what’s best for them and the community, they don’t wanna keep us waiting for new content because they know it’ll take a while.


Well, I have also read from another post that they will come back to ink once they have add a good amount of clothing and style updates to limelight. Also if they weren’t going to update ink anymore they would have put the no more updates on the choice page for ink when choosing to make a new story. They put that message on classic but ink is still being promoted along with limelight for more updates.

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They’ve always said that they’re no longer providing new updates for ink. They are only revealing prior unreleased content. I’ve never seen them post otherwise. Was the post you’re talking about from an admin?


I saw the post on one they style updates. I thought I read it from one of the admins responding to a community member’s question about ink. I can’t remember which update it was though. I have read so many mix answers on the topic as well throughout the forms.

Liz made a long post about why they’re no longer updating ink a while ago.


Okay, I don’t think I’ve come across that one yet. Thanks for showing me.

No problem.


AH FINALLY :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

NO WAY! I’ve been waiting for this!! Thank you! :heart:

This is so cool, thanks! I never thought I would actually think about making a Limelight story, but if you release this for the guys as well, I will have no choice :smiley:

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Definitely! I’m making a LL version of my story, so a male version would be perfect. I gave my audience too much control over how the characters looked in the original INK version and now I regret it because I had a lovely diverse cast in my head… so I thought, why not make it LL (even though I still prefer INK)


can you please make tattoos for females in ink style?? please?


In INK there is only one tattoo, for males :frowning:


its awesome . Lime light improve day by day. i just hope you update some male tattoos and beard faces. thanks


Just curious.

@Jesse Do you guys plan on releasing Tattoos for the males as well cause I feel like the team are focusing more on Limelight Females atm.


thank you!

Oh My God! I looooooooove the tattoos…oh my…