[Limelight] Tattoos and The Like


screams FINALLY


No tat’s for the guys? :crying_cat_face: I’ll be waiting



I did try to remove the others but still it wouldn’t show. I’ll try again on my laptop this time


I’m on iPhone and it works fine. Sometimes it looks like character needs to wear something or else tattoos are not visible



Oh my god. I can’t wait to use these.


Why couldn’t they make tattoos for the Ink version as well? I don’t like tattoos, but why would they only have it available for the limelight version?


I’m just thinking what about more tattoos for ink characters? :thinking:


@Briana_M & @xinxmyxeye

As stated in a post months ago, Liz said they are no longer creating new content for INK, only releasing content that they had already created and hadn’t made available. If they haven’t got more tattoo’s for INK in their closet, then there aren’t going to be anymore made. INK’s technology is outdated and old in comparison, hence why Limelight is getting the tattoo’s.

More ink! anyone agree

One more thing @Jesse

When 2 tattoos are selected not both are visible in app. Only sleeve tattoos are.

And chest and belly tattoo don’t work together. :heart:


Sweet baby jesus, THANK YOU


I have the same problem. I selected two tattoos, and they are visible on the website, but they are not visible on the app.


It’s so unfair though. I really don’t like that.


But why is it unfair?

INK has been their main focus since it was released, it had technological advances, appearances and content that surpassed classic and this is the exact same thing with Limelight. The advancement with limelight means they are able to do much more with their characteristics and content they are able to provide us with but people are still complaining.

Whilst I understand INK is a much loved style, Limelight is too because of the advancements it brings and their team are able to broaden their imagination when designing certain things. They could have easily ghosted INK but have chosen to release previously unavailable content and again, it’s still not enough. Episode can’t win.


Where’s the male tattoos? Oh well, this is good too x)


Yess! @Jesse, do you know when the limelight character update coming, like the stuff in Love Life?


When I comes to fairness, Limelight needs all these updates. Ink has many more clothes, hairstyles, features, and etc. I think if they were contemplating updating ink again, they should wait until limelight is at a even standpoint.


tropical shirt :heart_eyes:


What about tattoos for the males?


yay! I just got my first tattoo last month so I am super excited to be able to have tattoos in episode LL :slight_smile: