[Limelight] Tattoos and The Like


This is awesome! I always thought this was lacking for limelight.


Love :heart_eyes: Hope tattoos for guys is coming soon!


That’s what I’m waiting for :weary:


Love the tattoos but it’s odd that we haven’t had a content update yet.

Is it just taking a bit longer @Jesse :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Are the males going to get tattoos too?:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I don’t want another ink issue where only one gender has tattoos and the other doesn’t. The male of my ink story has tattoos and, for the second season, I was gonna use limelight and recreate the characters in that style.


Episode had stated that they are making clothing and adjustments in bunches, so it would make more sense for them to release something in one category for one gender at a time, so it doesn’t get to crazy for the workers.


I understand because drawing and creating ideas takes up a lot of time. But, I am hoping that the next clothing of physical appearance update be for men.


Yeah, they should make tattoos for guys. I was hoping that in my story, a couple would get matching tattoos, but they’ll probably make tattoos for guys in a couple months at the most


@Jesse is there no creators update this week?


Can we have some male tattoos?


no update last week. :frowning: hope they did that because they’re releasing the new tech


Why so many people begging for male tattoos like I want them but you don’t have to beg for it. It takes time for updates.


There have been updates! On LL outfits and some new BGs as well as overlays :smiley:


Which one? I don’t see anything :persevere:


LL there are new tshirts haha but for the BGs there are a bunch of new Indian Maharaja style ones


I see some new boots


I can’t find any new clothing, it’s not showing for me :thinking:

I’ve refreshed, changed to most recently updated and scrolled through it all


It must be not touching the LL portal for a while then :joy::sweat_smile: I spotted some casual shirts that seemed new haha


The shirts in blue, red and etc? I think they were already there


Haha yeah it must be me not using LL for a while :joy::joy: