[Limelight] Tattoos and The Like




Yeah, I forgot the names but they look like Indian palaces


I’ll check them out.


The Ghamali backgrounds? Weren’t they in Instant Princess?


Yeah they were I think but I hadn’t’t spot them until today lol


They look really cool but I hope we still get new content tomorrow. I just don’t understand why they didn’t tell us about them :confused:


Yeah, I found out through someone else about this info. I feel like if we get notified properly we would be less confused tbh.


I even sent a message to @Jesse but they didn’t reply


Hmm, I mean if we got clear cut updates on the release of new updates it would make our lives easier. I appreciate this all takes time but sometimes there are new releases that we never even hear about.


yeah! Why didn’t they tell us last week on Thursday? We normally get a content release but had no info on it.


Do you know how many times we get new animations and we’re not informed? :smiley:


Never? :thinking:


Yes less confusion for everyone if they would just announce it and address the community. With all the effort they put into updating they can at least say “yo we got some new backgrounds”


Many many times :smiley: You can almost count one new non announced animation per week in the whole year






They announced on IG that they are officially focusing on Limelight now, and they said once Limelight is sustained, they’re gonna head back to INK which may take up to maybe one to two years because of how each clothing asset takes about three to six months time.


fml my life is officially over


They didn’t say they were going back to Ink…


I just hope when @Liz come back we will get a more clear message about the INK updates of stuff that’s already created. I’m not a person who’s commenting all the time under posts but I wish they would just say something. Anything.