[Limelight] Tattoos and The Like


They actually sort of did.

Technically, they said that they couldn’t focus on Limelight and INK at the same time, but they didn’t say they wouldn’t stop INK. I’m saying it in the sort of way where we’re still gonna get updates for INK, but it’s not gonna be anything new.


From my understanding, they’re gonna do quite a few more INK updates then when they are finished they will focus on Limelight alone.

Please can Episode stop the confusion?


Some of the tattoos aren’t appearing for me :frowning:


Am I the only one where the body/hip tattoos aren’t appearing in the app? When I preview my story the sound waves tattoo doesn’t show up?


First of all, thank you for all your continued hard work giving us updates and new contents to work with. :revolving_hearts:

Though, I must say I’m a bit confounded to why you make tattoos as a piece of clothing, instead of letting it have its own label or at least putting it under accessories(?) :thinking:

Same issue with the previous beard release - why make it part of the face strukture(?) instead of just adding a beard category (like for hair). This way all beard styles aren’t available for all faceshapes, and you have to change face shape every time you want it to grow/get shaved which messes up the estethics…



With there be any for INK, 'cuz I honestly prefer INK than Limelight. But hope to see more amazing updates!


Nope, ink will no longer be updated


INK will be updated, just not at this time.


What do you mean? It says that they are releasing all of the hidden stuff and then they are going to move onto LL? (That was also sent in March so they have already finished INK with a few extra additions)


Man, sorry lol. :sweat_smile:


why can’t they all have the same tattoos???


They only released one for Ink and it’s only for males.


Wow! Incredible! Thanks!