[Limelight] Tattoos and The Like


I don’t have an issue using both a sleeve and hip tattoo! My character in my new story has both and it works fine! I use the new heart dagger tattoo and the sound waves tattoo and they both appear. It could just be a glitch in the system but I don’t think your reasoning is the correct one! :slight_smile: Thank you for trying to help though!



I would looove to see larger tattoos for females and males! Eg: Leg tattoos, full sleeves, more feminine chest pieces etc. I’d love to be able to make some real ‘alt’ people but not being able to layer tattoos is such a shame for me! Even some different variations of full body tattoos or something would be cool I think.

Also some layerable piercings or just more piercings would be awesome, too! I love the new ones :slight_smile:

Just an opinion!



YES! Agree. I want to layer tattoos too, or get some full-body ones :slight_smile: