[Limelight] The Eyes Have It


They should have doubled the iris size :frowning: She looks so much better
Thank you!!


This ain’t it…
I thought the false lashes one would look good, but it’s just tacky.


Yeah I totally agree with you. The shading beneath the eyes felt excessive to me too.


Yeah ikr!! And thank you🤗


Yeah they look pretty creepy too if you ask me


I actually like the eyes because they look more like my own.


2 or 1 days left until Thursday


I wonder if they’ll give us moles and freckles :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it.


I’m hoping for new music such as the music featured in the love life story


I wonder if we will get more period date clothing. I hoping for something like American Revolutionary time or something like that.


Thank you guys so much! The hooded eyes are awesome.


I’m just going to leave this here…


This is a naturally hooded eye on a caucasian female.
Hooded eyes are more common in some ethnic groups than others, but they are found among many peoples over much of the world. Additionally, as people age, they often develop hooded eyes. Of course this does not look exactly the same as naturally hooded eyes, but it is quite similar.
I’m not looking for an argument or a debate. This is what my eyes look like, and that is that. No opinion or feeling can change that.


I’m hoping for something a little more generic, personally! Maybe some corset dresses that can’t be placed in any specific time period so that we can use them for period clothing and current princesses and balls etc!


Thank you, guysssssssssssssssss! :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:


I know some Caucasians with eyes very similar to this actually


I swear I am done with people making excuses for this…:woman_facepalming:t5: Anyway, any of you ready for the update tomorrow?! I’m hella excited. I really want to know what it’s gonna be? Maybe clothing? :relaxed: :thinking:


Nobody is making excuses


What do you think the next update will be? :thinking: Freckles or clothes?


I was hoping for the rest of the hair actually