[Limelight] Time to Investigate


I like them kinda wished that they had the Swat Team Uniform Pants Denim Grey Black for male aswell… but alright


the Lace Up Army Boots Leather Brown Oak would be cool for males as well… dunno I kinda feel like the males are being a bit left out in this one or maybe it’s just me?..


i felt this too


Same, it look weird when it’s over the boots


disappointing sorry @Jesse but the female has 4 more clothing pieces that males can wear just as good as females can wear them. I’m sorry but this update is just not that great.


Ooh, cute! Thanks :slight_smile:


This makes me want to write Episode again :sob::sob::sob:


what stops you?


Ladies and Gentleman.

WE gOt 'Em.


I-- ok

You did it again :clap::woozy_face:


My other commitments get in the way. :sleepy:


Cool update!

Also @Minoesje it’s not just you lol, it seems like the males get left out a lot. They don’t even have a prison jumpsuit, only the girls do :persevere:




In the picture on Instagram it has a tuxedo we don’t have. It’s the guy on the right.


I want this tuxedo! :grin:
Erm… Episode?


same I want it so bad :scream:


Me too. It would be perfect for my story :sweat_smile:


Don’t think we got the helmet either??


now i notice this, is this one



Okay, now I need to use the new hats just for that reason.