[Limelight] Time to Investigate


Oh… :sweat_smile:
Yes, this is the one :grin:


And now I’m using the hat, thank you! :relieved:


Not that this pertains to me bc I don’t write in this style, but will there be different versions of the EBI Id Badge Suit Jacket with different skin colors for the badge photo…?


Can’t really see the badge well anyways


I can see it





So badass, cool XD

Love it :sunglasses: :blue_heart: :black_heart:




Can’t wear the hat and earpiece at the same time I guess


Thank you, you’re too kind :kissing_cat: :sparkling_heart:


thanks episode! Nice stuff. :slight_smile:


@Jesse sorry to bother,

episode won’t release this helmet?



Yay! Sounds awesome!


It’s not really what I’d hoped for, but thank you


Yes! I been waiting for something like this!


That windbreaker is so cute, wanna use it for regular outfits hah


Thank you so much!!


Nothing I’d use personally (Maybe the boots!) but I can see why these clothing items are important for a lot of the writers. I’ve seen a lot of mystery, police and gang type of stories sprinkled around.

I wonder if this set of clothes might come with a new set of animations? For action? Dodging, tackling, arresting, etc? Now THAT I’d be excited for :slight_smile:

Thank you for the hard work, though :slight_smile: secretly awaits fantasy/medieval/periodic updates lmao.