[Limelight] Time to Investigate


I can totally relate, lmao


Earphones :relieved:


Cool stuff!


Now, we just need the orange male jumpsuit for inmates now. There is a female version but not a male one.


:hushed: What?


I will be checking them out when I get home! Meanwhile, I’m just really happy for these new clothes!
Thank you Episode team! :heart:



Yes, yes, YES! I’m writing a mystery story that revolves heavily on law enforcement, so these will come in so much handy! I’ve been waiting for this for so long :laughing: :sweat_smile:




Huh. That’s weird it was left out since it seems so on-theme with the rest of the items.


Dang, how’d I miss this?? Anyways, these military boots are too sexy O.o’ I can’t…!

This is fab. Now we need real soldiers’ uniforms X’DDDDDD


I’ve been watching Brooklyn 9’9 and I thought for fun I create some of the characters so I can put the outfit on and see if it looks close to who they are. Yeah oh Rosa was the closest so I gave up.




Did you make that?? It’s very good :smiley:


It’s really awesomely needed for my special agents story! :sunglasses::male_detective:


OH MY GOSH YAAASS! The windbreaker looks like something she’d wear. But my outfit was based around that show.




There should be a swat team helmet and a mouth piece, which was present in the instagram poster


Is their a buddha /monk clothing for LL?


No, but hm u can make up the outfit