Limelight tips ? + my new story Silver lining (out soon)

:grinning: Hi i havent released it yet but i just wanted to tell everyone about my new story called silver lining !
Story Description

You don’t really enjoy life ,not enough money ,friends or family ,you’re in London and its coming close to a cold harsh winter…but everything has a silver lining … right ?

Just a question , what would be the reccomended amount of lines to an episode ? (without any customisation sort of things .)
:sweat_smile: I was also wondering if anyone had any cool limelight tips or ideas :grin:
Thanks alot !

heres a limelight tip: don’t use it. Just kidding lol


  • The length of your chapter depends on how long it takes… I usually write chapters up to 10 minutes or 8 minutes long because I feel like 15 mins is too long and it makes your bored while reading a story
  • Use spot directing - An episode seems so dull without spot directing and zooms, do not use @stands screen center or things like that too much
  • Having custom backgrounds and splashes - Do not just use backgrounds and splashes from the episode free bgs
  • Having a good cover - Not really necessary but a good cover makes you want to read the story more and you get more enjoyable or idk with it
  • DEFINITELY NO FRGGIN BAD BOYS im sick of it! Please dont :sob: it takes away a good story tbh


  • Do not make character children because they would look so idk weird?
  • DO NOT USE LIMELIGHT like really there are more Ink readers… joking not

:heart_eyes: Tyyyyyyyyyy :heart_eyes::joy:
I definitely agree with you on the cover and badboys :sweat_smile:
and ill definitely try to get more custom bgs :laughing:
Thanks for the advice i didn’t expect any help tbh .:heart_eyes::grin::sweat_smile:

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Oki sorry and thanks :grin:

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